Celebrate an Edwardian Christmas at the Branson Titanic

Step back into the early 1900s and celebrate the holidays just as it would have been celebrated back then. Step through the front doors of Branson’s Titanic attraction and discover the magical Edwardian celebration that awaits you inside.

This incredible museum is completely wrapped in glittering garlands and filled with gorgeously decorated trees to the delight of visitors from all over the country.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience this incredible museum yet, the Branson Titanic is home to thousands of historic artifacts from the legendary vessel that sank on its maiden voyage in 1912 and it’s truly a mind-blowing experience.

The many interactive exhibits allow you to put yourself in the shoes of those who were actually aboard the ship when it sank. The whole experience becomes even more real when you are handed the boarding pass of a real passenger. You’ll venture through the museum not knowing if you will live or die until you reach the very last memorial room of the museum. There, you’ll gaze upon wall after wall filled with the names of those who either survived the horrific event or lost their lives that day.

The Branson Titanic attraction is one of Branson’s most fascinating educational experiences and shouldn’t be missed! Stop by this holiday season for an Edwardian Christmas celebration and an experience that your whole family will remember for years to come.

For tickets or more information, please visit www.bransonshows.com.

Step Into the Shoes of a Titanic Passenger in Branson

TitanicThis week I spent a good two hours at the Branson Titanic Museum Attraction and I wish I could have stayed longer. The museum is absolutely packed with informative and interactive exhibits that take you on a journey through the construction of the British passenger liner, provide context within the time period and most importantly, tell the stories of the those lives that became intertwined with the legendary ship that was deemed “unsinkable.”

Immediately upon entering the museum, you’ll be immersed in the experience with the opportunity to touch a real iceberg. Staff will tell you to rub it three times for good luck and those three quick rubs will leave your hand feeling pretty numb.

titanicMy tour through the museum was self-guided but each guest is given a handheld device that is used like a phone. Many of the exhibits throughout the Titanic are marked with a number on a small, circular sign. Each time you see one, you simply punch in the number, hit the green button and hold the device to your ear for additional audio explanations of the current exhibit. It’s a neat way to take in even more information and it’s a good addition for those who’d rather listen to the information than read it.

The museum’s exhibits and authentic artifacts recovered from the ship’s wreckage really make it clear that the focus is on the people who were aboard the Titanic. You’ll see personal items like handbags, authentic boarding passes and dining schedules, jewelry, photographs and one of the nine lifejackets still in existence today. In fact, when you visit the Branson Titanic, you become one of those very people as you receive a boarding pass with the name and story of a real passenger that boarded the ship.

TitanicI became Charlotte Cardeza, a multi-millionaire 1st class passenger with more luggage than any other passenger on the ship. There was even a photo of me in one of the exhibits overseeing the loading of all my possessions onto the Titanic. One of the crew members told me that I occupied the largest suite on the ship, which was similar to the suite that Rose had in the 1997 James Cameron film Titanic. Throughout my whole tour I was anxious to find out if I survived the ordeal or not and according to the final exhibit in the Memorial Room, I did make it. But 1,500 others were not so lucky.

The entire museum makes for a humbling experience that will transport you back in time for a brief moment as you experience first hand what it was like to be a passenger of the Titanic. While I was there I was able to feel the frigid 28 degree water that swallowed the ship, play the baby grand piano in the exhibit dedicated to the musicians onboard, experience the sloping decks of the ship’s stern, shovel coal into the Titanic’s boiler room, walk through the third class corridor, steer the ship from the captain’s bridge and sit in a life size lifeboat while listening to the passengers tell their stories.

An experience at this museum is almost too great to describe with words — it’s one that you need to experience for yourself. And an afternoon aboard the RMS Titanic is sure to educate and entertain all those who take the time to walk through it all while honoring and celebrating the lives of passengers and crew from around the world.

For tickets and more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/buyTitanicTickets.cfm.

The Branson Titanic Museum Attraction is located at 3235 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, nextdoor to Montana Mike’s Steakhouse and across the street from the Clay Cooper Theatre.


Oh Yeah, It’s Date Night!

Kirby van burchIt’s Friday and tonight’s the perfect evening to take your date down to Branson. Here are some creative and romantic ideas to impress your guy or gal that won’t break the bank!

If you’ve ever seen the 1997 Titanic film, then you’re probably aware of the innate romanticism associated with the famous vessel. Experience the tragic beauty of the Titanic up close at the Titanic Museum in Branson. Together, you and your loved one can discover the history of its epic journey while standing on a replica of the majestic bow.

Perhaps you’re looking for a little mystery in your date night activities. Look no further than the magical Kirby Van Burch Show. Illusionist Kirby Van Burch will dazzle and captivate you with breathtaking feats of wonder. Not only can this performer cause a helicopter to seemingly appear from nowhere, he works with many exotic animals to entrap your attention the entire evening.

Of course, what could be more romantic than a spontaneous night away? Utilize one of our exceptional romantic getaway packages and thrill your loved one with a weekend holiday.

Exciting Family Attractions in Branson

titanicWhile there are lots of fun, exciting events and activities in Branson as the season changes from harvest festivals to the holidays, don’t forget about the many attractions that the city has to offer! This city always has the best in family-friendly activities, so bring the kids and enjoy not only the upbeat shows but everything else too!

Enjoy an afternoon at the National Tiger Sanctuary to experience all of the excitement of seeing these beautiful big cats and more! Get up close and personal with the furry animals, with just three feet of cage between you and the critters for a great view while standing in absolute safety! Guided tours run three times a day, and they lead you past the big cats as they sleep, play, and look utterly majestic!

You can also enjoy family-fun time at Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf! Make your claim to fame as you make your way across the course – each of the 18 holes is a step toward becoming a Hollywood star! At the first hole, you’ll meet your new agent, Marty McBooster, who will stay with you along the way, dispensing hilarious advice on how to make it in Hollywood! You’ll also see famous landmarks like the Hollywood Bowl, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Capitol Records building, and the shops along Rodeo Drive! You’ll get lots of star-quality photo ops as you make your way toward the final golfing challenge at the Walk of Fame!

A trip to Branson wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Branson Titanic Museum! Visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to become a passenger on the giant ocean liner’s tragic maiden voyage and experience the factual past of this unforgettable moment in history! The museum, only a half-scale model of the Titanic, is large enough for many different exhibits and activities for visitors, from the Memorial Room to the Grand Staircase! This emotional journey allows guests to walk the staircase, see a first class stateroom, touch an iceberg, and look back in time through an exclusive Father Browne photographic collection! And remember, coming in 2014, there will be a new gallery showing the lives, loves, and legacy of the Titanic’s eight musicians with an epic ballad of the sea!

For more ideas about fun attractions while in the area, check out our website!