5 Ways to Stay Warm and Still Have Fun in Branson This Winter

It’s true that Branson is somewhat quieter during the winter months, but there are still a host of ways for you and your family to have fun while avoiding the winter cold and staying warm. Try one of these five fun and family oriented activities out for size.

1. Go to a museum

Ripley's Believe It or Not! - Branson Odditorium

Branson is full of interesting museums that appeal to visitors of all ages. Take your pick from the Hollywood Wax Museum, The World’s Largest Toy Museum, the Veterans Memorial Museum, Celebrity Car Museum or check out the Dinosaur Museum or Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum if you have younger kids.


2. Explore the skies over Branson

Chopper Charters Helicopter Tour

Head for the skies with Chopper Charters and take in the bird’s eye view of the city. Instead of being cooped up all winter, enjoy an exciting outdoor adventure while still keeping warm in the cockpit of the helicopter.

3. Go caving

Talking Rocks Cavern


Located in nearby Branson West, Talking Rocks Cavern is the perfect underground family adventure for a warm winter day. Learn all about the rock formations, minerals and wildlife that populate this deep cavern beneath the earth and explore the rest of the 400-acre nature preserve.


4. Shop till you drop

Branson Landing

The Branson Landing is the perfect place to get your shop on. With more than 100 retail shops and restaurants, you could easily spend an entire day browsing, dining and picking up new apparel, home decor, gifts and more.


5. Head to the IMAX

Branson IMAX

Many of the shows in Branson are closed during the months of January and February but you can still catch some great entertainment at the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex. With more than 15 different indoor shops, a restaurant and snack area and both independent and main stream movies, you’re bound to find something fun to do here!

Stay Warm With a Tour of Talking Rocks Cavern

Looking for a fun outdoor activity for the whole family that will get you out of that cold winter air? Talking Rocks Cavern is the perfect solution!

Talking Rocks Cavern is open year round and boasts a comfortable 62 degrees all the time. During the summer months that may seem cold but in the wintertime … boy is that 62 degrees pleasant!

Besides just being warm, the cavern is extremely fun and educational. You and your family will love the one hour guided tours provided by the well-educated tour guides and you’ll learn all kinds of fascinating things about Talking Rocks Cavern like its history, the mineral deposits inside and other geological facts.

Explore the depths of a whole new world beneath the Earth’s surface with a tour of Talking Rocks Cavern in Branson, Missouri and make sure to enjoy the 400-acre nature preserve on the property if you’re brave enough to conquer the cold weather.

For more information about Talking Rocks Cavern, click here.


Caving in the Ozarks

Marvel CaveSpelunking. It sounds like a silly word that your 3 year-old niece made up, but it’s actually a real word that refers to the activity of cave exploration and it’s very popular in the Ozarks.

With more than 6,000 caves in Missouri, it’s no surprise that vacationers from all around the country make their way to these mysterious limestone caverns for tours. So if you and your family are looking for some spelunking adventures, check out one of these Branson area caves for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Marvel Cave

Walk through the largest entrance room in the United States located deep beneath Branson’s Silver Dollar City, also known as the Cathedral Room. Descend almost 500 feet below the surface of the Earth and take in the breathtaking views of this wet limestone cave whose rock formations are still growing. A cave tour is included with your admission ticket to the park, so for tickets or more information visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/buySilverDollarCityTickets.cfm.

Marvel CaveTalking Rocks Cavern

Located in Branson West, Talking Rocks Cavern features a one hour guided tour of the cave which maintains a comfortable 62 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The caverns are decorated with layer after layer of sparkling mineral formations resulting in a beautiful masterpiece that is truly a sight to behold. Your tour guide will enhance your trip with educational stories and information about the cave as you make your way through the beautiful underground grotto. For more information visit http://talkingrockscavern.com/.

Fantastic Caverns

A 45 minute drive from Branson, Fantastic Caverns is located on the north side of Springfield and is the only cave in Missouri that offers a jeep-drawn tram tour. Ride through the dark, slippery passageways of this magnificent cave that was first explored back in 1867 and behold the thousands of rock formations, large, limestone caverns and maybe even spot the rare and blind Ozarks cavefish. For more information visit http://fantasticcaverns.com/.

Take your family on a spelunking adventure and complete your trip to the Ozarks with some underground exploration.