9 of Branson’s Most Quirky Attractions

The definition of the word “quirky” is: “characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits” and it’s safe to say that the city of Branson has a handful of attractions that fit that description. So whether you’ve been to Branson a million times or you’re planning your first trip to the area, be on the lookout for these ten particularly interesting attractions around town.

1. The largest rooster in the world

The rooster in front of Branson’s Great American Steak and Chicken House snags the title of “largest rooster in the world.” Located on the north side of Highway 76, this big guy stands 43-feet tall and his closest competition is a 37-foot rooster in France.


2. Goliath’s rocking chair

rocking chairOk, this giant wooden rocking chair isn’t really Goliath’s, but it’s definitely huge. Located in the Grand Village Shops just off Highway 76, photos are always encouraged and there’s even a little stepping stool for kids or those of us adults who might need a little help getting up into the chair.


3. Mount Celebritymore and King Kong


While driving along Highway 76, you may end up passing the rock-carved celebrity faces of John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplan and Marilyn Monroe outside the Hollywood Wax Museum. The King Kong climbing the Empire State Building atop the museum is pretty awesome too. After all, it’s not everyday King Kong shows up in Branson. Oh, wait.


4. Mini Hollywood


Who needs the heavy traffic of Hollywood when you can make your way around the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown right here in Branson! Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf on Highway 76 features all the popular sights and locations like Rodeo Drive, the Capitol Records building, Beverly Hills Hotel, the white sands of Santa Monica Pier and of course, lots of paparazzi.


5. The Titanic

Titanic Edwardian Christmas Celebration

The great Unsinkable Ship is docked in the Ozarks right near the intersection of Gretna Road and Highway 76, iceberg in all. Anchored in water, the Branson Titanic Museum is a half scale model of the original and houses more than 400 artifacts, a real iceberg and a $1 million exact replica of the Grand Staircase.


6. A gigantic ball of twine

Ripley's Believe It or Not! - Branson Odditorium

Amid a host of other really strange artifacts, one of the world’s largest balls of twine sits inside Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum on Highway 76. In fact, it’s so large that the building was actually built around it! I hope they don’t plan on moving that thing anytime soon because it’s a little too big to fit through the front door.


7. Missouri’s deepest cave

marvel cave

This photo was taken in Branson — I promise. It might look like it was taken on some strange extrasolar planet, but it’s actually a view from inside Marvel Cave. Not only is this cave at Silver Dollar City Missouri’s deepest cave at 505 feet, but it’s also home to the third largest entrance room in North America and brags the first and only cable train inside a cave.


8. The world’s largest bronze memorial

veterans sculpture

Weighing in at 15 tons and measuring 70-feet long, this Veterans Memorial Sculpture is truly a sight to see. Located inside the Veterans Memorial Museum on the Branson strip, the artistic depiction of 50 life-size soldiers storming a beach is valued at three million dollars and was created by museum owner and sculptor Fred Hoppe.


9. Larger-than-life musical instruments

photo (4)

The entrance of Grand Country Music Hall on Highway 76 is adorned by one of the largest fiddles you’ve likely ever seen and right next door at Grand Country’s Fun Spot is a 47-foot-long Gibson banjo that will make anyone look tiny in comparison. Oddly enough, these huge instruments are easily missed from the road if you’re not looking for them so head inside Grand Country for the most impressive views.

Golf in Style With Shoot For the Stars Mini Golf

Alongside the Hollywood Wax Museum, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and the Castle of Chaos is one other incredibly fun Branson attraction — Shoot For the Stars Mini Golf.

The course always seems to be bright and sunny, sporting the traditional palm trees, high risers and movie stars of Hollywood. Throughout the course, you’ll be guided by your “agent,” Marty McBooster. Only a little bit off his rocker, he’ll meet you at every hole with an interactive display featuring a red button. Push the button each time you reach a hole and he’ll share some wise-crack piece of advice (if you want to call it that.)

Shoot For the Stars Mini Golf isn’t just your average mini golf course. It’s a trip through some of Hollywood’s most notable locations like Rodeo Drive, Capitol Records, the Beverly Hills Hotel and the perfect, white sands of Santa Monica Pier.

Dodge the paparazzi, pose for your professional photography shoot and enjoy a Hollywood-style makeover with Pavel, your hairdresser.

Shoot For the Stars Mini Golf is fun for the whole family, so try it out next time you’re in Branson and enjoy a package deal with three other great attractions just next door.

For tickets or more information, click here.

Celebrate National Golf Month with Branson’s Mini Golf

Did you know that August is National Golf Month? Chances are, if you’re in Branson on vacation with younger kids, it’s not ideal to go putt on the greens of Thousand Hills Golf Club or the famous Top of the Rock Golf Course. Instead, why not have some fun at one of Branson’s awesome mini-golf attractions that are perfect for kids of any age.


Branson’s Wild World 3D Blacklight Mini Golf

Your plane has crashed into the jungle and you have to find your way through the nine holes of mini golf in order to be rescued. The entire Wild World mini golf course is covered with blacklights and you’ll venture through foreign lands to discover animals like snakes, lizards, crocodiles and others. You’ll even get to travel underwater and see several different kinds of fish in their natural habitat. You can even pick up some 3D glasses to enhance your mini golfing experience. For tickets or more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/buyBransonsWildWorldVIPAnimalAdventureEscapeMiniGolfJungleArcadeTickets.cfm.



Grand Country Indoor Fun Spot

Located inside Grand Country’s Fun Spot, the 36-hole indoor mini golf course was named No. 1 of the Top 10 Miniature Golf Courses by USA Today. Surrounded by waterfalls and rivers in a night setting, you’ll experience an “Ozarks Rainstorm” every half hour on the dot as you put your way through the exciting obstacles. Grand Country Square also has two more mini golfing courses for you to try! Farm Mini Golf features two different courses that will take you on a trip back home to the farm, featuring a windmill, all the life-sized farm animals you can imagine and imaginative sound effects and animations throughout the course. The White River Black Light Mini Golf Course is a 3D adventure that will take you through old river towns with realistic riverboats and fishing.



Shoot For the Stars Mini Golf

On this outdoor course, you can putt your way to fame with an interactive journey through Hollywood. Your agent Marty McBooster will guide you through 18 holes that lead to stardom as he gives you all kinds of comical advice along the way. Explore the famous Hollywood Landmarks dotting the course, escape the paparazzi and take advantage of some great photo ops. For tickets or more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/ShootForTheStarsMiniGolf.cfm.

Branson is full of great mini golfing opportunities for you and the whole family, so during this National Golf Month make sure you hit the greens of all the fun mini golf courses in the area.


Get Lost in Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

Hannah's Maze of MirrorsHow many of you remember watching Alice from Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” as she approaches the Queen of Heart’s castle only to have to find her way through that tall, endless maze of manicured bushes? I remember watching that wondering what it would be like to try to find my way through something so confusing and tricky. And to be honest, I don’t think I could find my way out!

But now you and your family can make a team effort to make it through Branson’s own enchanted adventure: Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors.

With Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors the happy ending is up to you, as you get lost in a fairy tale filled magic, mystery and an infinite maze of mirrors.

Hannah's Maze of MirrorsMake your way through the mirrored passageways of the Castle of Savannah as you search for Princess Hannah and save her from being lost in the maze forever.

Kids of all ages will love this adventure as they explore corridor after corridor of endless mirrors echoing their own reflection and it makes for quite the family adventure.

You can even buy package ticket deals with the neighboring Branson attractions Castle of Chaos, Hollywood Wax Museum and Shoot For the Stars Mini Golf for a complete day of adventurous fun with the whole family.

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors is located at 3030 W. State Hwy. 76, Branson MO 65616, right next door to the Hollywood Wax Museum.

For tickets or more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/HannahsMazeofMirrors.cfm.


Travel to Hollywood with Branson’s Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf

Shoot For The Stars Mini GolfBecome a Hollywood star as you putt your way through the 18 holes of Branson’s Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf.

An interactive experience, you won’t just come into contact with famous Hollywood landmarks, paparazzi and some of history’s hottest stars — you’ll become a star yourself!

Your star agent, Marty McBooster will help you through your journey to stardom with hilarious bits of advice at each hole as you make your way to the Walk of Fame.

Don’t forget to snap some great photos along the way with Branson’s Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf.Shoot For The Stars Mini Golf

Located in the Hollywood Entertainment Center on Hwy. 76, next door to the Hollywood Wax Museum, kids of all ages will have a blast putting their way through the palm trees, parties and paparazzi.

For tickets or more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/buyShootForTheStarsMiniGolfTickets.cfm.

Exciting Family Attractions in Branson

titanicWhile there are lots of fun, exciting events and activities in Branson as the season changes from harvest festivals to the holidays, don’t forget about the many attractions that the city has to offer! This city always has the best in family-friendly activities, so bring the kids and enjoy not only the upbeat shows but everything else too!

Enjoy an afternoon at the National Tiger Sanctuary to experience all of the excitement of seeing these beautiful big cats and more! Get up close and personal with the furry animals, with just three feet of cage between you and the critters for a great view while standing in absolute safety! Guided tours run three times a day, and they lead you past the big cats as they sleep, play, and look utterly majestic!

You can also enjoy family-fun time at Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf! Make your claim to fame as you make your way across the course – each of the 18 holes is a step toward becoming a Hollywood star! At the first hole, you’ll meet your new agent, Marty McBooster, who will stay with you along the way, dispensing hilarious advice on how to make it in Hollywood! You’ll also see famous landmarks like the Hollywood Bowl, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Capitol Records building, and the shops along Rodeo Drive! You’ll get lots of star-quality photo ops as you make your way toward the final golfing challenge at the Walk of Fame!

A trip to Branson wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Branson Titanic Museum! Visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to become a passenger on the giant ocean liner’s tragic maiden voyage and experience the factual past of this unforgettable moment in history! The museum, only a half-scale model of the Titanic, is large enough for many different exhibits and activities for visitors, from the Memorial Room to the Grand Staircase! This emotional journey allows guests to walk the staircase, see a first class stateroom, touch an iceberg, and look back in time through an exclusive Father Browne photographic collection! And remember, coming in 2014, there will be a new gallery showing the lives, loves, and legacy of the Titanic’s eight musicians with an epic ballad of the sea!

For more ideas about fun attractions while in the area, check out our website!