Have a Cowboy Christmas with Christmas on the Trail

Shows at The Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead are always great and the Christmas on the Trail Dinner Show is no exception!

You’re in for a rowdy, cowboy holiday celebration complete with a delicious authentic chuck wagon dinner of three-bean trail chili, dutch oven taters, roasted chicken breast, a flame-roasted ear of corn, cornbread with honey butter and a dutch oven sweet apple cobbler. Delicious!

The dinner entertainment is just as great, with a cozy, heartwarming display of Christmas cheer from a talented cast of musicians. You’ll all gather around the stage set as a warm campfire in the Ozarks forest as the cast sings all your favorite Christmas songs with a little bit of a country twang.

Invoke the true meaning of Christmas with an 1800s style Christmas celebration before heading up to Inspiration Tower after the show, where you’ll find the bird’s eye view of twinkling Christmas lights across Branson simply irreplaceable.

Once you soaked up all those beautiful panoramic sights from the tower, head back down to drive through the Trail of Lights, an amazing two and a half miles of animated Christmas light displays.

Spend an evening celebrating the true meaning of Christmas with family and friends and experience a true cowboy Christmas with Christmas on the Trail Dinner Show, Inspiration Tower and the Trail of Lights.

To get your tickets to the show, click here. If you just want to check out the Trail of Lights, click here. If Inspiration Tower is more you’re thing, get your tickets here.

The Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead is at 5586 W. 76 Country Blvd., about two and a half miles north of White Water on the strip.


Spend an Evening of Quality Family Time at the Trail of Lights in Branson

I don’t usually begin celebrating Christmas so early but since I’m in Branson so much, I’ve slowly been mentally accepting the fact that the holiday season is in full swing in that special place nestled in the Ozark Mountains.

This past weekend, I experienced the Trail of Lights at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead for the first time and it was as festive as festive gets!

The display fills two and a half full miles with seasonal light displays, holiday scenes, all the classic Christmas music and some great photo opportunities.

As we drove through the Trail of Lights at a leisurely pace, we stopped every so often to take pictures of the fantastic lights. My favorite part was the tropical holiday celebration, where Santa sat relaxing in the sun under the shade of beachy palm trees. On my left, a waterfall of sparkling blue lights cascaded down the side of the hill, making for a fantastic illusion of real water. It was great!

We spent about an hour driving through the display and once we made it back to the main parking lot in front of Aunt Molly’s Mercantile, we headed inside to get our free cup of cocoa. (When you pass through the ticket booth at the start of the lights tour, you’ll get a complimentary coupon for a free cup of coffee, cocoa or cider from Auny Molly’s Mercantile.)

It was a delicious way to warm up and a wonderful way to end the night. Inspiration Tower is also open for guests to head to the very top and look out over the twinkling lights that are beginning to populate the Branson area.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get in the Christmas spirit, definitely head to the Trail of Lights on Highway 76. Going into it, I wasn’t sure if I could muster up the willingness to start celebrating Christmas so early, but about a quarter of the way through I felt myself really starting to get into the Christmas spirit. The combination of sparkling lights, festive sounds, precious family time and a warm cup of cocoa in hand demands nothing less.

To read more about the Trail of Lights, click here or get your tickets here.


Catch the Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama

The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama is a fantastic drama production for the whole family but the outdoor season is just about over with October 25 being the last show of the season.

The Shepherd of the Hills novel is one of the most widely read book in publishing history and it shares the story of how the city of Branson became what it is today.

The talented cast of performers will delight audiences with a square dance hoedown, live animals like horses, sheep and donkeys and the real lighting of a wooden cabin that burns during every performance.

This story of the Ozarks is an encouraging tale of love, compassion and forgiveness and the live reenactment is enjoyable for all ages.

Make sure to wear your heavy coats, hats and gloves during these last few performances because October’s chilly weather can be unforgiving!

The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama is performed at the Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead at 5586 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, next to Inspiration Tower.

For tickets or more information, click here.