9 of Branson’s Most Quirky Attractions

The definition of the word “quirky” is: “characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits” and it’s safe to say that the city of Branson has a handful of attractions that fit that description. So whether you’ve been to Branson a million times or you’re planning your first trip to the area, be on the lookout for these ten particularly interesting attractions around town.

1. The largest rooster in the world

The rooster in front of Branson’s Great American Steak and Chicken House snags the title of “largest rooster in the world.” Located on the north side of Highway 76, this big guy stands 43-feet tall and his closest competition is a 37-foot rooster in France.


2. Goliath’s rocking chair

rocking chairOk, this giant wooden rocking chair isn’t really Goliath’s, but it’s definitely huge. Located in the Grand Village Shops just off Highway 76, photos are always encouraged and there’s even a little stepping stool for kids or those of us adults who might need a little help getting up into the chair.


3. Mount Celebritymore and King Kong


While driving along Highway 76, you may end up passing the rock-carved celebrity faces of John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplan and Marilyn Monroe outside the Hollywood Wax Museum. The King Kong climbing the Empire State Building atop the museum is pretty awesome too. After all, it’s not everyday King Kong shows up in Branson. Oh, wait.


4. Mini Hollywood


Who needs the heavy traffic of Hollywood when you can make your way around the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown right here in Branson! Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf on Highway 76 features all the popular sights and locations like Rodeo Drive, the Capitol Records building, Beverly Hills Hotel, the white sands of Santa Monica Pier and of course, lots of paparazzi.


5. The Titanic

Titanic Edwardian Christmas Celebration

The great Unsinkable Ship is docked in the Ozarks right near the intersection of Gretna Road and Highway 76, iceberg in all. Anchored in water, the Branson Titanic Museum is a half scale model of the original and houses more than 400 artifacts, a real iceberg and a $1 million exact replica of the Grand Staircase.


6. A gigantic ball of twine

Ripley's Believe It or Not! - Branson Odditorium

Amid a host of other really strange artifacts, one of the world’s largest balls of twine sits inside Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum on Highway 76. In fact, it’s so large that the building was actually built around it! I hope they don’t plan on moving that thing anytime soon because it’s a little too big to fit through the front door.


7. Missouri’s deepest cave

marvel cave

This photo was taken in Branson — I promise. It might look like it was taken on some strange extrasolar planet, but it’s actually a view from inside Marvel Cave. Not only is this cave at Silver Dollar City Missouri’s deepest cave at 505 feet, but it’s also home to the third largest entrance room in North America and brags the first and only cable train inside a cave.


8. The world’s largest bronze memorial

veterans sculpture

Weighing in at 15 tons and measuring 70-feet long, this Veterans Memorial Sculpture is truly a sight to see. Located inside the Veterans Memorial Museum on the Branson strip, the artistic depiction of 50 life-size soldiers storming a beach is valued at three million dollars and was created by museum owner and sculptor Fred Hoppe.


9. Larger-than-life musical instruments

photo (4)

The entrance of Grand Country Music Hall on Highway 76 is adorned by one of the largest fiddles you’ve likely ever seen and right next door at Grand Country’s Fun Spot is a 47-foot-long Gibson banjo that will make anyone look tiny in comparison. Oddly enough, these huge instruments are easily missed from the road if you’re not looking for them so head inside Grand Country for the most impressive views.

Caving in the Ozarks

Marvel CaveSpelunking. It sounds like a silly word that your 3 year-old niece made up, but it’s actually a real word that refers to the activity of cave exploration and it’s very popular in the Ozarks.

With more than 6,000 caves in Missouri, it’s no surprise that vacationers from all around the country make their way to these mysterious limestone caverns for tours. So if you and your family are looking for some spelunking adventures, check out one of these Branson area caves for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Marvel Cave

Walk through the largest entrance room in the United States located deep beneath Branson’s Silver Dollar City, also known as the Cathedral Room. Descend almost 500 feet below the surface of the Earth and take in the breathtaking views of this wet limestone cave whose rock formations are still growing. A cave tour is included with your admission ticket to the park, so for tickets or more information visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/buySilverDollarCityTickets.cfm.

Marvel CaveTalking Rocks Cavern

Located in Branson West, Talking Rocks Cavern features a one hour guided tour of the cave which maintains a comfortable 62 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The caverns are decorated with layer after layer of sparkling mineral formations resulting in a beautiful masterpiece that is truly a sight to behold. Your tour guide will enhance your trip with educational stories and information about the cave as you make your way through the beautiful underground grotto. For more information visit http://talkingrockscavern.com/.

Fantastic Caverns

A 45 minute drive from Branson, Fantastic Caverns is located on the north side of Springfield and is the only cave in Missouri that offers a jeep-drawn tram tour. Ride through the dark, slippery passageways of this magnificent cave that was first explored back in 1867 and behold the thousands of rock formations, large, limestone caverns and maybe even spot the rare and blind Ozarks cavefish. For more information visit http://fantasticcaverns.com/.

Take your family on a spelunking adventure and complete your trip to the Ozarks with some underground exploration.


Explore the Foundations of Branson’s First Amusement Park: Marvel Cave

Marvel CaveSettlers of the 1800’s once suspected it to be filled with marble and gold treasures, Spanish explorers searched for the fountain of youth here and the Osage Indians feared the strange noises that came from deep within it, dubbing it “The Devil’s Den.”

Ever since it was first discovered, Marvel Cave has been attracting visitors with its interesting history, mysterious darkness and the breathtaking beauty it holds underneath the Earth’s surface.

What is now the foundation and the entrance of the popular 1800’s mining town amusement park, Silver Dollar City, was first discovered around the year 1500 AD by the Osage Indians. They often heard mysterious noises coming from the entrance of the cave so they avoided going near it, let alone inside the dark cavern.

In 1869, explorers traveled deep into the unknown caverns looking for marble and other mineral deposits. During that time, the cave was referred to as Marble Cave.

Marvel CaveBy the year 1894, Marble Cave was an Ozark tourist attraction operated by William Henry Lynch and his two daughters. Visitors traveled from all over to see the cave and Lynch continued to run the operation for another 50 years. After his death, the cave’s name was changed to Marvel Cave.

Today, a cave tour is included with your admission ticket to Silver Dollar City. You’ll get to explore the Cathedral Room, 300 feet below Earth’s surface as you learn even more about the cave’s history and geological beauty.

The hour-long tour will allow you to examine the limestone rock formations up close as you climb almost 600 stairs. Your experienced tour guide will narrate your tour with detailed explanations of everything you see along with interesting and entertaining stories about the cave.

A new tour begins every half hour, so next time you’re visiting Silver Dollar City, stop and take a tour of Marvel Cave. You’ll be amazed by mother nature’s magnificent show!

For tickets or more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/SilverDollarCity.cfm.

To learn more about Marvel Cave and the history of Silver Dollar City, watch the video below.


10 Of Branson’s Best Photo Ops

Ripley’s Believe it Or Not!Branson isn’t just one of the best places to vacation with family, it’s also one of the best places to take a selfie! So grab your camera because we’ve compiled some of the best photo ops in the area for you to snap fantastic keepsake photos of you and your family while you’re having the time of your lives in Branson, Missouri.

1. The 22-ft. tall transformer at Ripley’s Believe it Or Not!

Why wouldn’t you take a photo with that? Plus, what a great opportunity to get creative with your status updates on Facebook. “Oh, just taking a stroll with my intergalactic body guard, Optimus Prime.”

2. The 360 view from Inspiration tower

Snap some fantastic pictures of the lush Ozarks landscape from this 230-foot-tall structure. This view would make for a breathtaking panorama or a backdrop unlike any other for your family photo.

3. Celebrities at the Hollywood Wax Museum

Now you can finally get a picture with Elvis Presley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Johnny Depp. You can use them to make fun homemade postcards and they also serve as great ammo for April Fool’s jokes in the office.Hollywood Wax Museum

4. One of Branson’s REAL Celebrities

OK, so the Wax Museum April Fool’s joke didn’t go over well. Next time you’re in Branson, get a photo with one of the area’s talented stars and entertainers that aren’t made of wax. Get your tickets to one of the many shows and hang around after it’s over to request a photo with the stars. Many of them are more than willing to, including Yakov Smirnoff!

5. White Water’s KaPau Plummet: the before and after

Get a shot both before and after your kids experience this 26 feet-per-second free fall for an all too telling scrapbook entry.

6. A bird’s eye view from a Chopper Charters Helicopter TourChopper Charters Helicopter Tour

Chances are you haven’t had the chance to ride in a helicopter very often, so document this special occasion with a photo from the cockpit as you soar above the Branson skyline.

7. Countless twinkling lights at Silver Dollar City’s An Old Time Christmas

You’ll have to wait until November for this one, but the dazzling photos you will get are worth every minute! Think of all the sweet family Christmas photos you will get. There are way too many photo ops with this event alone.

8. Inside the caverns of Marvel Cave

Pose inside Missouri’s deepest cave with the rock formations that are still growing today.

9. Flying through the canopy on a Branson Zipline Tour

Have one of the staff snap a photo of your family harnessed in and ready to go on your zipline tour before you embark on an adventure through the trees.

10. Capture the natural wildlife of Branson’s three lakes

Table Rock Lake, Bull Shoals Lake and Lake Taneycomo make up what’s known as the Tri-lakes area. You just might be able to spot some amazing wildlife here like red and gray foxes, wild turkeys and tarantulas. These creatures in their natural habitat make for great photos every time you visit.