These Amazing Pets are Unbelievable!

Amazing Pets of Grand Country Music HallThis show was created with animal lovers and kids in mind and Amazing Pets at Grand Country Music Hall just can’t get any more amazing!

A talented troupe of cats, dogs, birds and humans all share the stage for one very exciting show featuring some of the most unbelievable stunts you’ve ever seen.

These lovable furry creatures will steal your heart with each and every leap, twirl, spin and jump as they demonstrate the impressive agility and intelligence of their species.

This fun-filled, action-packed show is perfect for the whole family and a great way to start off an exciting day in Branson. So stop by Grand Country and meet some of the most incredible animals in Branson!

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Get Your Laughs at Grand Country with Comedy Jamboree

When you’re looking for a hilariously good time, look no further than Comedy Jamboree at Branson’s Grand Country Music Hall.

Last week, the theater was filled with red-faced audience members, keeled over with laughter as the cast of Comedy Jamboree dished out some of the most comical entertainment I’ve seen in Branson.

The show opened with some humorous banter between three of the performers and from the very beginning, I could tell that this show was going to be a hoot.

The curtains opened to reveal the always-amazing Grand Band and the talented Comedy Jamboree singers. They sang a variety of yesterday and today’s country hits between sets filled with side-splitting comedy, which gave all of us in the audience the chance to catch our breath after laughing so hard.

And believe me, the laughs are endless. If you’re not sure what to expect when you pick up your tickets for this show, I’ll just tell you now — prepare to see some of the wonkiest costumes, experience the most ridiculous impressions, sing along with the silliest of songs and of course, you can expect to laugh until your sides hurt.

The Comedy Jamboree crew is most certainly a rowdy bunch that likes to have a whole lot of fun. And they’ll make sure you’re having fun too! If you’re not, they’ll pull you up onstage with them and make sure you do. Just kidding. Kind of.

Well what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on one of the funniest shows in Branson, Comedy Jamboree! The show picks up again January 16 at 3 p.m. inside the Grand County Music Hall.

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9 of Branson’s Most Quirky Attractions

The definition of the word “quirky” is: “characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits” and it’s safe to say that the city of Branson has a handful of attractions that fit that description. So whether you’ve been to Branson a million times or you’re planning your first trip to the area, be on the lookout for these ten particularly interesting attractions around town.

1. The largest rooster in the world

The rooster in front of Branson’s Great American Steak and Chicken House snags the title of “largest rooster in the world.” Located on the north side of Highway 76, this big guy stands 43-feet tall and his closest competition is a 37-foot rooster in France.


2. Goliath’s rocking chair

rocking chairOk, this giant wooden rocking chair isn’t really Goliath’s, but it’s definitely huge. Located in the Grand Village Shops just off Highway 76, photos are always encouraged and there’s even a little stepping stool for kids or those of us adults who might need a little help getting up into the chair.


3. Mount Celebritymore and King Kong


While driving along Highway 76, you may end up passing the rock-carved celebrity faces of John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplan and Marilyn Monroe outside the Hollywood Wax Museum. The King Kong climbing the Empire State Building atop the museum is pretty awesome too. After all, it’s not everyday King Kong shows up in Branson. Oh, wait.


4. Mini Hollywood


Who needs the heavy traffic of Hollywood when you can make your way around the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown right here in Branson! Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf on Highway 76 features all the popular sights and locations like Rodeo Drive, the Capitol Records building, Beverly Hills Hotel, the white sands of Santa Monica Pier and of course, lots of paparazzi.


5. The Titanic

Titanic Edwardian Christmas Celebration

The great Unsinkable Ship is docked in the Ozarks right near the intersection of Gretna Road and Highway 76, iceberg in all. Anchored in water, the Branson Titanic Museum is a half scale model of the original and houses more than 400 artifacts, a real iceberg and a $1 million exact replica of the Grand Staircase.


6. A gigantic ball of twine

Ripley's Believe It or Not! - Branson Odditorium

Amid a host of other really strange artifacts, one of the world’s largest balls of twine sits inside Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum on Highway 76. In fact, it’s so large that the building was actually built around it! I hope they don’t plan on moving that thing anytime soon because it’s a little too big to fit through the front door.


7. Missouri’s deepest cave

marvel cave

This photo was taken in Branson — I promise. It might look like it was taken on some strange extrasolar planet, but it’s actually a view from inside Marvel Cave. Not only is this cave at Silver Dollar City Missouri’s deepest cave at 505 feet, but it’s also home to the third largest entrance room in North America and brags the first and only cable train inside a cave.


8. The world’s largest bronze memorial

veterans sculpture

Weighing in at 15 tons and measuring 70-feet long, this Veterans Memorial Sculpture is truly a sight to see. Located inside the Veterans Memorial Museum on the Branson strip, the artistic depiction of 50 life-size soldiers storming a beach is valued at three million dollars and was created by museum owner and sculptor Fred Hoppe.


9. Larger-than-life musical instruments

photo (4)

The entrance of Grand Country Music Hall on Highway 76 is adorned by one of the largest fiddles you’ve likely ever seen and right next door at Grand Country’s Fun Spot is a 47-foot-long Gibson banjo that will make anyone look tiny in comparison. Oddly enough, these huge instruments are easily missed from the road if you’re not looking for them so head inside Grand Country for the most impressive views.

Have a Blast at the Grand Jubilee Christmas Show

The holidays in Branson are filled with incredible performers putting on special Christmas-themed shows complete with festive decor, beautiful Christmas trees and holiday music.

Some of the most enthusiastic of those that boldly celebrate the season are the cast members of the Grand Jubilee show at Grand Country Music Hall. The regular show is particularly high-paced and energetic but the Grand Jubilee Christmas is even more so!

Familiar Christmas melodies will have you singing along while the tremendous cast delights you with impeccable choreography, tight harmonies and hilarious comedy acts that will have you keeled over with laughter.

This fast-paced show never seems to miss a beat and  you’ll love every second of it. So come out to Grand Country Square and celebrate the holidays with the cast of the Grand Jubilee.

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Grand Country Music Hall is at 1945 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, just down the road from God and Country Theatre.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Plans?

If you’re not feeling like cooking this Thanksgiving or you’re planning a trip to Branson for the holiday, don’t forget about all the wonderful Branson restaurants that will be open and serving up some delicious holidays meals for you and your family to enjoy.

Put away the apron, turn off the oven and head out to Branson to enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals — without all the effort.

A week or two ago, I blogged about five different Branson area restaurants that will be open and serving wonderful family meals on Thanksgiving but I figured I should remind everyone what options are available since turkey day is just two days away!

While the Thanksgiving meals at Devil’s Pool Restaurant, the Chateau on the Lake and College of the Ozarks that I originally blogged about may not have any reservation space left, there are still lots of options for last minute planners.

Try McFarlain’s Family Restaurant at the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex for a delicious meal and a warm, friendly environment to dine in. Grand Country Buffet is also serving a mouth-watering array of options and you can easily catch a show at the Grand Country Music Hall afterward!

Stop by Mel’s Hard Luck Diner at Grand Village Shops and enjoy traditional Thanksgiving fare with dozens of great shops nearby to get some Black Friday shopping in.

Try something new like Paradise Grill and Steakhouse, The Rowdy Beaver (reservations required) or Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Grill and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

See the Amazing Pets of Grand Country Music Hall

Nothing’s cuter than your furry friends flipping, jumping, dancing and rolling around onstage for your entertainment and having a blast while doing it.

The Amazing Pets show at Grand Country Music Hall features an incredible cast of dogs, cats, birds, pigs and even a counting donkey who have spent countless hours with dedicated trainers learning these jaw-dropping tricks and feats.

Amazing Pets of Grand Country Music HallYour kids will love this entertaining show filled with cute, talented animals and you can bet there will be a little bit of added Christmas cheer to the show during this holiday season.

This amazing troupe of animals will capture your hearts as they treat you to a multitude of surprises onstage.

Don’t miss this exciting show at Grand Country Musical Hall! Get your tickets here.

Grand Country Music Hall is at 1945 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, just down the strip from the Music City Centre.


Night Owls Will Love Branson’s Country USA Late Show

Branson's Country USA Late ShowIf you can manage to stay up past your bedtime, you’re in for a treat with Branson’s Country USA Late Show at Grand County Music Hall.

This show is actually a radio program that airs on Branson’s 106.3 FM, Harrison’s 102.9 FM and other local stations across the country. When you stop by to see the show, you’ll be able to sit in on the live recording for an exciting, ever-changing lineup of entertainment.

If you’ve seen Grand Jubilee at Grand Country Music Hall, you’ll enjoy some of the same talented cast members including Jackie Brown, Melody Hart and New South backed up by the incredible Grand Band.

Celebrities like Roy Clark and Mickey Gilley make regular appearances on the show and you never really know who you’re going to see show up so it’s always an exciting time.

Experience the live recording of Branson’s Country USA Late Show and you’ll be glad you skipped your bedtime!

For tickets or more information, click here.