Meet the Unsinkable Molly Brown’s Great-Granddaughter at the Branson Titanic

Have you ever heard of The Unsinkable Molly Brown? Margaret (Molly) Brown was a philanthropist originally from Hannibal, Missouri who became famous because of her heroic efforts and survival of the sinking of the Titanic.

During the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, she convinced her lifeboat crew to turn back and pick up survivors who were stranded in the ice cold water. It has been documented that many of the survivors who managed to escape the Titanic via lifeboat before it sank were afraid that if they turned back to pick up survivors, the boat would be swarmed and tipped. So turning back to search for survivors was a bold and brave move on Molly’s part!

TitanicThe Branson Titanic Museum will be hosting her great-grandaughter, Helen Benzinger in February of 2015 who will share the personal life stories of her great-grandmother. Molly Brown’s story is featured in the Titanic Museum’s exhibits as well.

Mark your calendars and plan to meet one of Missouri’s famed real-life legends whose bravery still lives on.

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Silver Dollar City is the Place to Be This Holiday Season

Before the Christmas season is up, it’s definitely worth your time to make a stop at Silver Dollar City’s An Old Time Christmas celebration.

Nothing gets you more in the Christmas spirit than the enormous LED Christmas Tree on the city square of Silver Dollar City with thousands of visitors around you, just as bundled up and excited as you are to be exploring the streets filled with festive vendors, twinkling light displays and cheerful sounds.

Silver Dollar City is a magical place during the holidays, with 5 million twinkling lights, 1,000 decorated Christmas trees, two broadway-style shows, the gorgeous 5-story special effects tree and the brand new Holly Jolly Christmas Light Parade, led by everyone’s favorite reindeer — Rudolph!

Treat your kids to a holiday in Branson they’ll never forget with Silver Dollar City’s An Old Time Christmas.

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Zip Your Way Across Lake Taneycomo with Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline

The Branson Landing is one of the area’s most popular places for visitors and residents alike to relax, shop, eat and have fun. With more than 100 different shops, a dozen restaurants and fun family attractions like Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline and the new Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Balloon coming soon, there’s an endless amount of fun to be had.

If you’re visiting with family, you’ll most definitely want to check out Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline. One of the most family friendly ziprides I’ve ever been to, this zipline takes you on a fast-paced ride across Lake Taneycomo.

Before you take flight, you’ll climb into a seat that looks a lot like a ski lift as a member of the friendly staff buckles you in. No harnesses, helmets or heavy gear is needed, making it ideal for riders of all ages.

Once you’re strapped in tight, hold on for a heart-pounding zip across the lake as you soar over the water all the way to Mount Branson. The sights are pretty neat from all the way up there and you’ll be able to see all of the Landing and downtown Branson from your bird’s eye perspective.

My favorite part of the zipride was the ride back to the Landing. It was exhilarating! You get to going so fast that you’re not quite sure you’ll be able to stop before crashing into the Landing! Luckily, the brakes on that zipride are pretty capable so you’ll end the ride with an exciting screech of a halt every time.

Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline is the perfect activity for the whole family, so next time you’re at the Branson Landing don’t forget to stop by and try it out for yourself. I guarantee you’ll love it!

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The Branson Landing is at 100 Branson Landing Blvd. on Lake Taneycomo in downtown Branson. Parakeete Pete’s is at the south end of the Landing.

Experience the Magic of the Branson Scenic Railway’s Polar Express

The Branson Scenic Railway’s Polar Express is a magical experience for any child during the holiday season and is the perfect way to experience the hills of the Ozark Mountains.

Board the historic train from the 1906 train depot in downtown Branson. Families are encouraged to wear pajamas, so come in your festive, warm footies and climb aboard.

Cozy up in your seats as the train begins to pull away from the station and peer through the frost-rimmed glass windows that keep the winter cold at bay. You’ll pass through the beautiful hills of the Ozarks as you read along with the Polar Express story, warm and cuddled up inside. Cradle a creamy cup of hot cocoa as Santa makes his rounds and gives a special gift to each child.

Enjoy the views of this historic train ride through the foothills and tunnels of the Branson area and experience the old-time luxury of traveling by train.

You won’t want the train to head back to the station after such a heartwarming and magical experience, but you can always come back again next year!

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Spend an Evening of Quality Family Time at the Trail of Lights in Branson

I don’t usually begin celebrating Christmas so early but since I’m in Branson so much, I’ve slowly been mentally accepting the fact that the holiday season is in full swing in that special place nestled in the Ozark Mountains.

This past weekend, I experienced the Trail of Lights at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead for the first time and it was as festive as festive gets!

The display fills two and a half full miles with seasonal light displays, holiday scenes, all the classic Christmas music and some great photo opportunities.

As we drove through the Trail of Lights at a leisurely pace, we stopped every so often to take pictures of the fantastic lights. My favorite part was the tropical holiday celebration, where Santa sat relaxing in the sun under the shade of beachy palm trees. On my left, a waterfall of sparkling blue lights cascaded down the side of the hill, making for a fantastic illusion of real water. It was great!

We spent about an hour driving through the display and once we made it back to the main parking lot in front of Aunt Molly’s Mercantile, we headed inside to get our free cup of cocoa. (When you pass through the ticket booth at the start of the lights tour, you’ll get a complimentary coupon for a free cup of coffee, cocoa or cider from Auny Molly’s Mercantile.)

It was a delicious way to warm up and a wonderful way to end the night. Inspiration Tower is also open for guests to head to the very top and look out over the twinkling lights that are beginning to populate the Branson area.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get in the Christmas spirit, definitely head to the Trail of Lights on Highway 76. Going into it, I wasn’t sure if I could muster up the willingness to start celebrating Christmas so early, but about a quarter of the way through I felt myself really starting to get into the Christmas spirit. The combination of sparkling lights, festive sounds, precious family time and a warm cup of cocoa in hand demands nothing less.

To read more about the Trail of Lights, click here or get your tickets here.


Fall Fun for the Whole Family at Silver Dollar City

This week I went to Silver Dollar City’s National Harvest & Cowboy Festival and had a blast!

The park was decked out in bright and colorful autumn decor with gourds, pumpkins and a larger than life cornucopia basket at the entrance of the park. Craftsmen were lined up throughout the park displaying handcrafted goods like glassblown collectibles and home decor, original artwork, painted gourds and more.

Silver Dollar City is so festive during the fall season and a day filled with roller coasters is about the best thing you can ask for. The rides are as fun as ever during the fall, with Outlaw Run being a personal favorite of mine.

Of course, no visit to Silver Dollar City is complete without a warm, hearty skillet meal and a bowl of strawberries and cream. If you haven’t tried either one, you are seriously missing out.

Also featured at the National Harvest & Cowboy Festival is the popular Western Barn Dance, a cowboy poet and chuckwagon demonstrations, wild mustangs, boatloads of talented western and bluegrass musicians and this year is the final year for the Pinkerton Man Western Stunt Show so don’ t miss out!

Sadly, I was too busy riding the roller coasters all day to check out any of the shows but I’m planning on going back before October 25 when the fall festival ends.

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