Almost Famous Murder Mystery Dinner Theater: Not Your Average Branson Show

Looking for something different in Branson? Look no further than Almost Famous Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, now showing at Lodge of the Ozarks.

The cast of this show call themselves the “alternative Branson entertainment” and that description couldn’t be more accurate. Typically, when visitors come to Branson for the shows, they can expect to see full family performances, live bands rocking out onstage, countless country music tributes and bedazzled jackets galore. But with Almost Famous, you won’t find any of that.

This unique murder mystery show is a nice change of pace from the other shows in Branson and features an inviting cast of outgoing actors and actresses. Original scripts, simple sets and a unique take on murder mystery dinners make this show all too appealing.

The Crystal Theatre at the Lodge of the Ozarks welcomes a rowdy crowd for this show, so make sure you’re ready to have a good time! Relax with friends or family while you munch on a delicious meal as the mystery onstage unfolds, revealing an intricate plot, lots of laughs and eventually uncovering the murderer and motive.

You’ll have the chance to guess who committed the crime before the answer is revealed and chat with the hard-working cast members as they wander the theater mingling and serving dinner and dessert.

If you attend Almost Famous Murder Mystery Dinner Theater expecting a well-polished theater performance, it’s safe to say you’ll either be sorely disappointed or really confused. This fun-filled dinner show is meant to keep you on the edge of your seat with edgy humor, a little bit of improv, tons of interaction with the cast and boatloads of audience participation. So feel free to laugh as loud as you want, vocalize those sarcastic comebacks and enjoy a night of entertaining live theater.

Audience members of all walks of life will enjoy this performance but I would suggest leaving the younger kids at home. There are a few jokes meant for a mature audience and maybe one or two words used that you wouldn’t want the kiddos to take home.

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The Lodge of the Ozarks is located on the Branson strip at 3431 W. 76 Country Blvd., next door to the Hughes Brothers Theatre.

Solve a Murder Mystery with Almost Famous in Branson

Think you can solve a murder mystery? Here’s your chance to try with Almost Famous Murder Mystery Dinner Theater’s It WAS a Wonderful Life at the Crystal Theatre inside the Lodge of the Ozarks.

A twisted parody of the Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life, this show will follow a miserable George Daily as he sulks his way through the holidays. When he’s visited by an angel named Clarence, Daily is taken to the other side to solve his own murder and see his life in a whole new light.

You’ll enjoy a delicious meal, dessert, coffee and unlimited water while the entertaining cast delights you with a fun-filled murder mystery.

This show is family friendly so don’t worry about any blood or guts because you won’t find that here.

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The Lodge of the Ozarks is at 3431 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, next door to the Hughes Brothers Theatre.

Experience Kirby VanBurch’s New Magic Show

Kirby VanBurch has made some recent changes to his magic show, featuring a new up close and personal approach that appeals to audiences who’d like to get a close up look at this world renowned magician’s illusions.

If you’re not familiar with the Prince of Magic, the Kirby VanBurch Magic Show in Branson show has accumulated a host of awards throughout the years including 2001 International Entertainer of the Year, several International Magician of the Year Awards from the International Society of Magicians and an induction into the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not museum collection. He has performed for audiences all over the world and was given the “Prince of Magic” title by the Princess of Thailand after he was invited to perform at the Royal Palace.

After years of astounding, large scale illusions at several different theaters, Kirby has settled down into a more intimate and personal setting where he spends the majority of his show making his way down the aisles of the theater, dazzling audience members with his sleight of hand.

His new up close and personal show has found a home at the Lodge of the Ozarks where you’ll be seated at one of the tables inside the Crystal Theatre. Just an FYI, the show does not include a meal so make sure to grab dinner beforehand.

Kirby is accompanied onstage by the lovely Bambi VanBurch, the world’s most awarded female magician as they demonstrate several mind boggling illusions that will have you completely mystified.

While his new show has been downsized from his previous one which featured tigers, life sized helicopters and death defying escapes, Kirby and Bambi still captivate audiences with unbelievable mind-reading, card tricks, levitation and more — all while making it look easy. I don’t know about you, but I certainly couldn’t recite a random audience member’s driver’s license number while being blindfolded onstage. But Bambi can.

I’ve been to many different shows in Branson and thankfully, I’ve managed to somehow evade being the one that’s plucked out of the audience and pulled onstage. (That might be fun for some, but I like to avoid the spotlight.) That’s why I enjoyed the up close and personal approach so much. I loved having the opportunity to interact with both Kirby and Bambi without it all being made into some huge production. I was selected to help with several different tricks and surprisingly, I felt comfortable the entire time. Both of these entertainers have clearly mastered the art of entertainment in a way that audience interaction can be comfortable and fun for everyone and it definitely makes for a much more enjoyable time.

Kirby VanBurch’s magic show was really an enjoyable way to spend my evening and I’m betting you’ll enjoy it too. So give his new show a try and head to the Crystal Theatre inside the Lodge of the Ozarks at 3431 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, next door to the Hughes Brothers Theatre.

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Almost Famous Murdery Mystery Moves to Lodge of the Ozarks

Almost Famous Murder Mystery Dinner TheatreThe Almost Famous Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre announced Sunday via Facebook that they have officially moved to the Lodge of the Ozarks.

Last week, owner and CEO Helena Lee announced the show would be relocating.

The show opens August 26 in the intimate Crystal Theatre which is also home to Kirby VanBurch’s new up close and personal magic show.

The show was previously showing at Branson Central Dinner Theatre.

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