Vets for Vets Celebration Show Tomorrow

Tomorrow begins the city-wide Veterans Homecoming Week celebration in Branson and the annual Vets for Vets Celebration Show is scheduled to kick off the week’s events.

The celebration show is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Baldknobbers Country Music Theater and will feature entertainer Billy Dean.

No tickets or seat reservations are required, but I would advise getting there early because Veterans Homecoming Week events in Branson are a big deal and seating is limited.

For more information about Branson Veterans Homecoming, visit

Inside the Branson Veterans Memorial Museum

Branson Veterans Memorial MuseumThe Veterans Memorial Museum has been a Branson landmark for 14 years now, providing visitors and residents with a tribute to the men and women who served our country during the 20th century.

The halls of this museum are filled with the incredible wartime experiences of our country’s brave veterans and is a humbling experience, even for those who have only seen those times played out through the lens of history. Guests will have the opportunity to view ten different walls featuring artifacts and information from conflicts including WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm and more.

Each exhibit was specially handcrafted and includes with the collections of bronze sculptor Fred Hoppe who traveled the world and collected more than 2,000 artifacts to fill the 18,000 square foot museum.

The Veterans Memorial Museum also features a striking war memorial bronze sculpture created by Fred Hoppe. The sculpture showcases 50 life-size statues storming a beach and is surrounded by the names of soldiers killed in action during WWII. More than 70 feet long and weighing in at 15 tons, this sculpture is the world’s largest war memorial and is considered the highlight of the museum.

Branson is a city that certainly takes the time to thank our veterans and the Veterans Memorial Museum honors those who have served with a special tribute to their lives, stories and service.

The Veterans Memorial Museum is a Branson must-see, so next time you’re in town stop by and see the patriotic display of history for yourself. Its located at 1250 W. 76 Blvd., Branson, just 1/3 of a mile before Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater on the strip.

For more information and admission prices, call 417-336-2300.

Museum hours are Sunday-Monday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. or 9 a.m.-7 p.m. depending on the season. Click here for a schedule.


Branson Honors Heroes with Veterans Homecoming Week

As a salute to all American veterans, the Branson Veterans Task Force will be promoting the “Veterans Homecoming Week,” taking place on November 5-11. Everyone is invited to be part of the event, and special tributes and entertainment will be used during the week to show just how much our veterans mean to us, whether past or present. Branson is known for celebrating the commitment and sacrifice of veterans, and this year promises to be just as honorable. 

Members of the community and visitors from around the nation are strongly encouraged to attend and bring friends who have served in the military. Throughout the week, special Branson entertainers will present special music and performances to provide a true salute to America’s heroes. If you’d like to stay for the duration Veterans Week, be sure to book Branson lodging as well as some of the special activities in the area.