These Amazing Pets are Unbelievable!

Amazing Pets of Grand Country Music HallThis show was created with animal lovers and kids in mind and Amazing Pets at Grand Country Music Hall just can’t get any more amazing!

A talented troupe of cats, dogs, birds and humans all share the stage for one very exciting show featuring some of the most unbelievable stunts you’ve ever seen.

These lovable furry creatures will steal your heart with each and every leap, twirl, spin and jump as they demonstrate the impressive agility and intelligence of their species.

This fun-filled, action-packed show is perfect for the whole family and a great way to start off an exciting day in Branson. So stop by Grand Country and meet some of the most incredible animals in Branson!

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See the Amazing Pets of Grand Country Music Hall

Nothing’s cuter than your furry friends flipping, jumping, dancing and rolling around onstage for your entertainment and having a blast while doing it.

The Amazing Pets show at Grand Country Music Hall features an incredible cast of dogs, cats, birds, pigs and even a counting donkey who have spent countless hours with dedicated trainers learning these jaw-dropping tricks and feats.

Amazing Pets of Grand Country Music HallYour kids will love this entertaining show filled with cute, talented animals and you can bet there will be a little bit of added Christmas cheer to the show during this holiday season.

This amazing troupe of animals will capture your hearts as they treat you to a multitude of surprises onstage.

Don’t miss this exciting show at Grand Country Musical Hall! Get your tickets here.

Grand Country Music Hall is at 1945 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, just down the strip from the Music City Centre.


Check out Branson’s Furriest Entertainment with Amazing Pets

Amazing PetsIf you’re an animal lover, Grand Country’s Amazing Pets show is for you!

Watch this talented group of dogs, cats, birds and humans as they wow you with incredible stunts, make you laugh with cute tricks and have you falling in love with them by the end of the show.

Many of these dogs and cats have been rescued from humane societies around the country and now they fill the stage with love and laughter as they show off their amazing repertoire of skills.

This unique show at Grand Country Music Hall also features performances from exotic birds, a counting donkey and a group of talented pigs for a fast-paced, fun-filled show that’s perfect for the animal lovers in your family.

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