“America’s Muralist” Honors the National Anthem with Mural in Branson

Raine Clotfelter of Branson is named America’s Muralist because of his historic artwork that “captures on canvas the unique individuals and historical events that made this country what it is today” and now he is working on a piece in honor of the 200th anniversary of the creation of the national anthem.

Raine and Tricia Clotfelter started work on the newest Branson project on Monday and the 94 foot mural will be located in downtown Branson on the west side of the Empire District Electric Building on Main Street.

The mural is expected to take 13 days to finish and there will be a special unveiling during a sunrise service on Sunday, Sept. 14.

Clotfelter has also created pieces featured at the World’s Largest Toy Museum, The Celebrity Car Museum & Attraction and Andy Williams Moon River Theater.

To see him an action creating the mural on the Andy Williams Moon River Theater building, watch the video below.