See the Pierce Arrow Show in 2015

If you didn’t get to see the Pierce Arrow crew in 2014, don’t worry because they’re back and better than ever in 2015.

The Pierce Arrow quartet is always up and at ’em with tight harmonies, soaring melodies and a great blend of hits from yesterday and today. You’ll enjoy favorites from every genre and even some original renditions of old hymns that may bring back childhood memories of childhood Sunday mornings for some.

Of course, Shonna and Kenya heat up the stage with incredible vocals, charismatic choreography and an inviting stage presence that meshes well with the men of the quartet.

This family-friendly show is filled with top notch entertainment, hilarious comedy and some of the most talented vocalists in Branson. Stop by the Pierce Arrow Theater and see what you’ve been missing! Shows start up for the season again on February 13.

For tickets or more information, please visit

18 thoughts on “See the Pierce Arrow Show in 2015”

  1. I’ve seen other shows featuring solid harmonies, and haven’t had the chance to see this show :/ I would love to see Pierce Arrow as I’m a big fan of true vocal artists! 🙂

  2. This looks like it would be a lot of fun! I’ve been wanting to go to this show for a while now. It’s about time I go see it. Lol

  3. Love to see live performances, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Pierce Arrow Show. I’ll be excited to see what they’ve added for the year.

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