A Peek Inside Copper Run Distillery

Last week I spent some time at Copper Run Distillery, a unique small batch craft distillery tucked away in the Ozark mountains.

Just off of Highway 65 in Walnut Shade, Missouri, you’ll find a small, rustic building that may look unassuming at first glance, but it actually houses the first legal distillery in the Ozark mountains since prohibition ended in 1933.

Copper Run Distillery prides itself on the handcrafted small batches of spirits it produces, a tireless work ethic and a dedication to long-time tradition. The fruits of their labor prove to be an entirely unique experience for alcohol drinkers yielding high quality Ozark Mountain Moonshine, Small Batch Spirit Whiskey and the “Overproof” Ozark Mountain Moonshine, a 120 proof white whiskey.

The small staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they offer free samples of the spirits as well as daily tours of the distillery at noon, 2 p.m., 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

My friend tagged along to the distillery with me and we both took a tour, hoping to learn more about the traditional process of making moonshine, whiskey and rum. It was extremely short — just about 10 minutes — but within that brief time, our tour guide managed to walk us through the traditional Copper Run Method.

This award-winning distillery makes all its spirits using a 140-gallon copper pot filled with the freshest ingredients, mixed with nutrient-rich Ozark water and then aged in barrels made from locally grown white oaks.

Although the tour was short, it gave us plenty of time to explore the property and browse the gift shop.

Definitely make an effort to stop by Copper Run Distillery just north of Branson and enjoy an educating and unique experience right here in the Ozark mountains. The building is also available for private event rental so visit www.copperrundistillery.com or call 417-587-3456.


6 thoughts on “A Peek Inside Copper Run Distillery”

  1. This sounds super cool! I know there are quite a few craft breweries in the area but I had no idea there were any craft distilleries! I will for sure have to check this out!

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