Shoji to Return for 27th Year in Branson

For those of us who have seen Shoji Tabuchi in concert, seeing him leave Branson for the winter season is very saddening but luckily, he’ll be back in April to kick off his 27th year in Branson!

A veteran entertainer, talented violinist Shoji Tabuchi has been awing audiences with his incredible talent and enthusiasm. Onstage with his wife, Dorothy and his daughter Christina, his show encompasses many different popular musical styles in America including bluegrass, country, pop and classical.

Not only does he bring American favorites to the stage but he also showcases some of his own native Japanese culture as well! A new segment of his show features the Taiko drums that were once used to intimidate enemies on the battlefield but that also represent the rural community in Japan. Today, the Taiko drums are often used in religious ceremonies and festivals.

Currently, Shoji is touring the mid-west with shows in Iowa and South Dakota and will finish up in February with more performances in Florida and South Carolina before heading back to Branson to prepare for his 2015 show season.

For tickets to his 2015 shows, please visit

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