A Branson Landmark: Stone Hill Winery

Stone Hill WineryDid you know Stone Hill Winery in Branson is the oldest and most awarded winery in Missouri? With three different locations in the state, Stone Hill Winery consistently upholds the standards of producing high quality wines, providing incredible customer service and educating the public on the history of the company and production processes.


Stone Hill Winery was established in 1847 by German immigrants. The original location is in the small town of Hermann, Missouri and it still remains open today. The winery quickly grew and established itself as a well known, distinguished company, shipping 1.250,000 gallons of wine every year by the early 1900s.

Once Prohibition came along in 1920, Stone Hill Winery’s fate seemed to be sealed alongside the closing of many other wineries in America. After 1920, the winery’s cellars were used to grow mushrooms that were sold for profit.

In 1965, Jim and Betty Held bought Stone Hill Winery and began returning it to its original glory. It became the first winery in Missouri to be re-established after Prohibition had ended.

Today’s Stone Hill Winery

wineryStone Hill Winery is flourishing now, with two more locations: one right here in Branson and the other in New Florence, Missouri, about three and a half hours from here.

Wine production is still going strong and in 2011, Stone Hill Winery produced 260,000 gallons of wine. That’s a lot of wine!

The winery’s main building in Hermann has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and its timeworn underground cellars with arched ceilings are still used to produce wine. The experienced team of Enogolists (winemakers) use French-American hybrid grapes like Chardonel and Vignoles to create elegant, rich wines that continue to earn awards.

Visitors are welcome to visit all three locations for an educational, guided tour that explains the production process in full detail. The Branson location provides these tours free of charge alongside six tasting rooms where guests can sample the various wines and juices. The Stone Hill Winery gift shop also features wonderful gifts, home decor and bottled wine for purchase.




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