More Changes at the Branson Airport

Branson AirportAccording to an article from, Frontier Airlines isn’t planning on returning to the Branson Airport in 2015.

The airline offered visitors low fares and convenient flights from Phoenix, Austin and Denver to Branson.

To read the full article for more information, please visit

4 thoughts on “More Changes at the Branson Airport”

  1. I have never flown out of Branson, however, I think if this really does happen it is going to be great for people to fly more than just not going place due to lack of money. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I don’t feel the Branson airport cares about making any money. Twice I have emailed them as I cannot seem to find anything from Milwaukee, WI to Branson and I wanted to know how to get there and never received any answer. If there are no connections they should atleast have let me know but nothing.

  3. I would like to add to my previous comment that I have flown into Branson twice previous but now nothing. The flight went to Atlanta first

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