Solve a Murder Mystery with Almost Famous in Branson

Think you can solve a murder mystery? Here’s your chance to try with Almost Famous Murder Mystery Dinner Theater’s It WAS a Wonderful Life at the Crystal Theatre inside the Lodge of the Ozarks.

A twisted parody of the Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life, this show will follow a miserable George Daily as he sulks his way through the holidays. When he’s visited by an angel named Clarence, Daily is taken to the other side to solve his own murder and see his life in a whole new light.

You’ll enjoy a delicious meal, dessert, coffee and unlimited water while the entertaining cast delights you with a fun-filled murder mystery.

This show is family friendly so don’t worry about any blood or guts because you won’t find that here.

For tickets or more information, please visit

The Lodge of the Ozarks is at 3431 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, next door to the Hughes Brothers Theatre.

2 thoughts on “Solve a Murder Mystery with Almost Famous in Branson”

    1. This is so much fun. I went around Halloween of last year. The show was great, the food was good and we had lots of laughs. This is something fun for the whole family!

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