Food Friday: Jayne Dough Sandwiches

photo 1 (7)Every week while I’m in Branson I get to try a new restaurant and share my experience with all of you. Exciting right? I like to think so.

Last week as I was researching the many dining options in Branson, I came across a neat little sandwich shop called Jayne Dough. It’s over by The Shoppes at Branson Hills & Branson Hills Plaza. If you don’t know where that is, you can see the Books-A-Million from Highway 65 traveling south.

Anyway, this locally owned sandwich shop reminds me of Subway, just with WAY better customer service. I stopped by around 4 p.m. for an early dinner and the lady behind the counter greeted me warmly. I felt like I was staring at the menu for ages because I wasn’t sure of what to get and had never been there before but the lady never rushed me and gave me all the time I needed.

Eventually I decided on the Chicken Salad sandwich on wheat bread. When I ordered she smiled broadly and said, “Well that’s the local favorite!” I was happy to have chosen something so promising and as she prepared my sandwich right there in front of me we chatted a bit. I learned that she was actually the owner of Jayne Dough and that she and her husband opened the sandwich shop together. I could immediately tell this was a family-oriented company because of her genuine kindness, the fantastic prices and I may have spotted some school pictures on the wall behind the counter.

When you order a sandwich at Jayne Dough, much like at Subway, you can pick and choose what veggies, sauces and other toppings you want on your sandwich. I added tomato, lettuce, spinach and onion to my Chicken Salad sandwich and it was to die for. Seriously.

I can see why it’s the local favorite! It’s the perfect combination of creamy and tart and pairs well with veggies and the soft, fresh-baked bread it comes served on. Oh, and did I mention the chicken salad is homemade?

The menu features a variety of traditional sandwiches including turkey, ham, roast beef, roasted chicken, the Italian Classic and more but if you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, you can choose from delicious pizza wedges, salad or soup.

Everything I had at Jayne Dough was absolutely delicious and as I stepped out the door to leave, the owner said, “Thanks for stopping in Kelsey. Have a great day!” The fact that she even remembered my name says a lot about her and her company’s character.

Definitely stop by this Branson gem for a great lunch or dinner!


Location: 1232 Branson Hills Pkwy., Suite 201, Branson, Mo.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.- 8 p.m., closed Sundays and holidays

Price Range: $8-$10 per person

Cuisine: Deli food

Good for: Family meals, casual lunch or dinner


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