Don’t Miss A Tribute to Marty Robbins ft. Leroy New

Marty Robbins at Branson's IMAXMarty Robbins is one of the biggest names in country music history. With 17 No. 1 Singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, 82 Top 40 Singles, several Grammy Awards and an induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1982, his name is honored by many.

Branson performer Leroy New and his incredible band honor Robbins life and music almost every afternoon with their show A Tribute to Marty Robbins at the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex’s Little Opry Theatre.

This tribute show is just a three man show, but it features three of the most talented musicians I’ve experienced in Branson. Leroy’s fingers are still nimble as ever, even at his seventy-something years, and he can pick a guitar like none other. His band mates are just as incredible and back him up with top quality vocals, bass and piano.

Don’t go into this show expecting a lot of fancy lights and staging because Leroy will tell you himself — you won’t see that here. This show’s main attraction is the music and that’s more than enough to make for a fantastically entertaining show.

Marty Robbins at Branson's IMAXYou’ll hear many of Marty Robbins biggest hits including, “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife,” “El Paso,” “El Paso City” and “A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation” as well as hits from several other classic country artists like Merle Travis and Bob Wills.

A Tribute to Marty Robbins is truly an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in Branson, especially for all you classic country fans.

So stop by the Branson IMAX, enjoy the show and visit with Leroy New and the band. You won’t regret it.

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