See Rick Thomas This Week In Branson

Rick Thomas has had a successful season this year, as he’s brought many many enthusiastic visitors to the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre to enjoy his magic and illusions.

Before Branson, this successful illusionist performed hundreds of shows in Las Vegas yearly and he seems to have brought  his success to Branson as well because visitors are already excited for him to kick off his 2015 season.

I saw Rick Thomas several months ago but it was definitely a fun time. He seems to thrive off audience interaction and pulled several audience members up on stage to help him throughout the show. It was pretty neat!

His illusions are seamless and you can tell he’s been at it for many years. He’s perfected the art of magic and that’s why he’s so enjoyable to watch! You won’t believe your eyes as he pulls off incredible tricks with his flawless sleight of hand.

This Saturday is his last show in Branson for the season, so don’t miss the chance to see this amazing show! He’ll be back in March of 2015 but who wants to wait that long? Not me!

For tickets or more information, please visit

The Andy Williams Moon River Theatre is at 2500 W. 76 Country Blvd., right down the street from Branson’s Ride the Ducks.

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