Couple Spreads Holiday Cheer with Incredible Gift

ChristmasI came across this story published by that really warmed my heart and serves as a great example of how the Branson community rallies together to help one another. I thought I would share it for all you loyal readers to enjoy.

Here’s the full story for you, but I’ll give you the quick version too.

Cindi Grady, a Branson waitress was down on her luck and needed a new car … badly. She works at the Cracker Barrel in town and two incredible regulars, the Tacketts, saw her not-so-good-looking car parked in the parking lot of the restaurant every time they came to eat.

They thought the car might be abandoned so the Tacketts started asking restaurant staff who it belonged to. Once they found out it was Cindi’s they decided to take it upon themselves to do something for her.

During the first week of December, the Arkansas regulars made another trip to the Branson Cracker Barrel, this time, with a special present in tow. Once they arrived, they presented her with what the media is calling “the tip of a lifetime”: a new car!

Pretty awesome, right?

It’s nice to see people taking care of one another, even if they are complete strangers. Branson is full of great people doing great things and this is just one example of that. This is what a true Ozark Mountain Christmas is all about.

Happy Holidays from Branson Shows!


3 thoughts on “Couple Spreads Holiday Cheer with Incredible Gift”

  1. I saw this on the news. I started crying because these were strangers to her and they did something so great for someone in need. 🙂

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