Enjoy a Country Christmas with The Presleys

I have to admit: I’m not the biggest fan of country music. But the Presleys’ Christmas Country Jubilee surprised me with its fast-paced entertainment and hilarious comedy and by the time two hours was up, I just wasn’t ready to go home!

The Presleys’ Country Jubilee was the first show to hit the Branson strip and this family has really set the standard for what a great Branson show should be. The quality of entertainment is untouchable and the show keeps audience eyeballs glued to the stage from start to finish.

The featured musicians were excellent and have each truly perfected their craft with years of performances, but I have to say my favorite parts of the show were the ones featuring Cecil and Herkimer. The father/son duo are hilarious and come out to wreak havoc onstage between just about every set. The two have been tweaking their characters for several generations and really get the crowd going with their ridiculous antics.

The entire show was excellent, featuring country music of today and yesterday and the second half was truly a delight, with festive costumes, decor and Christmas songs that everyone knows and loves. The arrangement of “Mary Did You Know” was one of the best I’ve ever heard! I included a video of it below so definitely take the time to watch that but experiencing it live is really a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you’re looking for a wholesome, family Christmas show, the Presleys’ Christmas Country Jubilee the perfect choice.

Pick up your tickets today at www.bransonshows.com!


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