C of O Attraction Guidebook: Williams Memorial Chapel

The Williams Memorial Chapel at College of the Ozarks near Branson and Hollister is a gorgeous example of neo-Gothic architecture and has many features typical of that era.

The sheer height and grandeur of the chapel immediately screams neo-Gothic castle but if you take the time to study the structure, you’ll notice pointed arches, ornate, decorative features and interior vaulted ceilings — all characteristic of the 19th century.

photo 4 (3)The chapel was dedicated in 1956 and stands tall in the center of campus. It measures 150-feet long, 80-feet wide and brags an 80-foot vaulted ceiling. Ornamented stained glass windows line the stone walls.

If you visit campus on a Sunday, you can attend the 11 a.m. service held inside the chapel and marvel at the beautiful architecture inside. The public is welcome!

The Williams Memorial Chapel makes from some impressive photo opportunities and a unique experience on C of O’s campus, so make sure to stop by!

Check back tomorrow at 6 p.m. for the next C of O Attraction Guidebook blog post featuring the Ralph Foster Museum.

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