SIX: Incredible Time and Time Again

This week in Branson, I went to see SIX and was reminded as to why they’ve been one of the top shows in Branson for the past two years. Why, you ask? Because they’re awesome. Plain and simple.

To start, the six Knudsen brothers are some of the most talented a capella vocalists I’ve ever encountered. Dubbed the “orchestra of human voices,” their performances in Branson showcase the incredible abilities of their voices alone. The show features no instruments — just vocals. But when you’re listening, you totally forget that they are making each and every sound with their voices. An a capella group that convincing has obviously mastered the art of vocal instrumentation and sound effects.

SIX has a unique flair and stage presence that makes them unique and interesting and they are able to connect with audiences effortlessly. Each brother seems to have his own sense of humor and remarkable skill, but the way they mesh is a seamless representation of what performance is all about: taking your audience to another world for an hour or two and capturing their hearts and minds. Which is exactly what SIX does.

If you go see them sometime this month or in December, you’ll get to see half of their regular show and half of their Christmas show, featuring unique six-part harmonies to some of the most loved Christmas favorites and an appearance by a special (and very talented) special guest.

I had seen SIX a few years ago but their show has changed since then and it continues to be one of the best I’ve experienced in Branson. I guarantee you’ll love it too!

Want just one more reason to go see this incredible group? The six brothers each drive Dodge Camaros or their respective colors and park them right outside the front of the theater for audience members to see after the show. (Another display of the group’s tight-knit flair and pizzazz).

SIX is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that shouldn’t be missed, so get your tickets here and let us know what you think!

SIX perform at the Mickey Gilley Theatre at 3455 76 Country Blvd., next door to the Lodge of the Ozarks.

One thought on “SIX: Incredible Time and Time Again”

  1. I saw this show when I was in high school my Senior Year for a marketing project, I was amazed. I think it is about time I go again. Thanks for sharing!

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