It’s Never Too Cold for Trout Fishing!

As the temperatures in the Branson area slowly continue to drop, so does the amount of people enjoying outdoor activities. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of winter. But enthusiasm for one particular sport can’t be dimmed by the cold weather — trout fishing!

In Michigan where I’m from, I remember driving home from school in the winter and looking out over the lake near my house. A thick slab of ice usually appeared in late November and laid heavily over top of the water. Sometimes I’d see anglers all bundled up in their heavy coats, gloves and scarves, sitting and waiting patiently in their outdoor folding chairs with a rod in hand while their line stretched down through a hand-cut hole in the ice.

I never really understood why anyone would volunteer to sit out in the cold for hours, waiting to catch a fish, but now that my fiancé and his dad have introduced me to the art of fishing, I think I understand now. Kind of.

Trout fishing is a very popular sport and recreational activity in the Branson area and it continues to be year round. Lake Taneycomo, in particular, is famous for its incredible trout fishing because it’s stocked by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Annually, the MDC stocks Lake Taneycomo with about 700,000 trout! Trout thrive in cold water, so in the wintertime you still have a good chance of catching a few if you can stand the cold air long enough.

Lilleys’ Landing Resort & Marina is just two miles from the Branson Strip and lies on the waterfront of Lake Taneycomo, providing the perfect spot for anglers visiting the Ozarks. The resort and marina is located in a beautiful area of the Ozarks, surrounded by a sloping pasture on one side of the bank and towering bluffs on the other. Lilleys’ Landing offers leisurely fishing for families and individuals and also hosts several different trout tournaments throughout the year, two of them in January and February.

If you decide to book a stay at the resort onsite to be close to all the action on the Branson strip while being even closer to the lake and its fishing opportunities, you’ll enjoy a variety of amenities including free high-speed WiFi, a playground with horsehoe and basketball areas, cable TV, fully-equipped kitchens, washer and dryer, three different fish cleaning stations, rental fishing boats, a tackle and fly shop and more.

If you’re visiting the Branson area this winter and are looking to do some trout fishing, Lilleys’ Landing Resort & Marina is the place to go. Missouri residents ages 16-65 are required to have a Missouri fishing license and all non-residents ages 16 and older must buy a license. Daily permits are available as well.

For more information and up-to-date fishing reports, visit or call 417-334-6380. Lilleys’ Landing Resort & Marina is at 367 River Lane, Branson, a short ten minute drive from the Branson Landing and just two miles from the Branson strip.

For more information about fishing in the Ozarks, check out this article from

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