Celebrate the Holidays With the Pierce Arrow Show

The Pierce Arrow Show is one of those shows that you just want to keep seeing over and over again because it makes you feel good.

With high-energy entertainers, phenomenal vocals, and songs that carry a message of hope, love and encouragement, the Pierce Arrow Show is not one to be missed.

This holiday season, guests will love the sounds of the talented Pierce Arrow quartet alongside the soaring vocals of Shonna and Kenya. The first half of the show features the best of their year round performances with a variety of different music of various genres and styles.

The second half of the show opens with delightful holiday cheer and a great mixture of traditional and modern Christmas classics. Enjoyable for all ages, the second half of the show is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit, if you’re not already!

Stop by the Pierce Arrow Theater this holiday season and catch one of the most exciting shows in Branson!

For tickets or more information, click here.

The Pierce Arrow Theater is at 3069 Shepherd of the Hills Expwy., Branson, across the road from the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre.

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