Food Friday: Greek Gyros & Deli

Greek GyrosWelcome back to your weekly Food Friday blog! I’ve been eyeing one of the newer restaurants in Branson lately, Greek Gyros & Deli. Have you noticed it?

It’s wedged in downtown Branson between an array of flea markets and specialty shops, just down the road from the Branson Landing on Main Street.

It stands out from many of the other restaurants in the area because it brags authentic Greek food, which is delicious by the way! I stopped in for lunch on Monday and the modest dining room of the restaurant wasn’t empty but it wasn’t full either. A few other guests sat at small tables throughout the room, quietly enjoying their meals.

My waiter brought me a glass of water and a menu as I got situated at my table. The menu was very small, consisting of only salads, sandwiches, sides and desserts but the prices were all incredibly low.

I decided on the Greek Salad and a side order of hummus and pita bread which was served just a few minutes later. The Greek Salad was delicious and served with what I originally thought was ranch dressing, but it’s actually a homemade feta cheese dressing. At the bottom of my salad was a mound of delicious homemade potato salad which surprised me because I’ve never had a Greek salad with potato salad in it, but it was beyond delicious!

Both my salad and side of hummus came served with warm pita bread but I was glad because it was delicious! Not only was it soft and baked fresh to order, but it paired perfectly with everything on my plate.

My server offered me some of their mouthwatering, homemade baklava as well, but I politely declined because I was just way too full to even think about it. It was tempting though!

For the amount of deliciousness I ended up consuming at this restaurant, the price was beyond amazing so I will definitely be returning there to pick up lunch again soon.

Greek Gyros & Deli is at 111 East Main Street, just up the road from the Starbucks.

To see the full menu, visit the Greek Gyros & Deli Facebook page. Hours of operation are Monday-Sunday 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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