Pick Up a Good Read At T. Charleston’s Books & Gifts

Branson only has a few bookstores, one of them being the large Books-A-Million chain. But if you’re looking for a smaller and more unique bookstore, try T. Charleston’s Books & Gifts.

This bookstore at Grand Village Shops is connected to the Thomas Kinkade Signature Art Gallery and is conveniently located right off the Branson strip. Whether you’re doing some Christmas shopping for the book lover in your life or just browsing the shops at Grand Village, T. Charleston’s is a great stop.

The bookstore is filled to the brim with neatly organized books of all genres, artsy collectibles, seasonal stocking stuffers and gifts and so much more.

I stopped in earlier this week and the store was bustling with people. The staff was obviously very busy but they made sure to acknowledge me and make sure I was finding everything alright. I am confident the staff at T. Charleston’s would gladly help you find the perfect Christmas gift or that special book you’ve been searching for.

Make sure to stop by next time you’re in town and let me know what you think of this wonderful Branson bookstore!

The Grand Village Shops are at 2600 West Highway 76, right down the road from Ride the Ducks Branson and next to the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre.



4 thoughts on “Pick Up a Good Read At T. Charleston’s Books & Gifts”

  1. I think this is the first time I am even hearing about this book store I would love to check it out sometime and even take my little man along! 🙂

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