Experience the Magic of the Branson Scenic Railway’s Polar Express

The Branson Scenic Railway’s Polar Express is a magical experience for any child during the holiday season and is the perfect way to experience the hills of the Ozark Mountains.

Board the historic train from the 1906 train depot in downtown Branson. Families are encouraged to wear pajamas, so come in your festive, warm footies and climb aboard.

Cozy up in your seats as the train begins to pull away from the station and peer through the frost-rimmed glass windows that keep the winter cold at bay. You’ll pass through the beautiful hills of the Ozarks as you read along with the Polar Express story, warm and cuddled up inside. Cradle a creamy cup of hot cocoa as Santa makes his rounds and gives a special gift to each child.

Enjoy the views of this historic train ride through the foothills and tunnels of the Branson area and experience the old-time luxury of traveling by train.

You won’t want the train to head back to the station after such a heartwarming and magical experience, but you can always come back again next year!

For more information, visit www.bransonshows.com or bransontrain.com.

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