Voices of Glory Brings Soul to Branson

I read a very interesting article published by kspr.com about Voices of Glory yesterday that took a behind the scenes look at these three talented siblings who have made it very clear that they are different than many of the entertainers in Branson.

The two brothers and sister first began singing together when their mother was in a horrible accident that put her in a coma. They sang to her at the hospital and would sing to other sick patients as well, in order to spread joy.

Voices of Glory first tasted fame with their appearance on NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent and moved to Branson soon after. After Andy Williams requested that they perform in the Andy Williams Christmas Variety Show, they were approached by Lena Hughes who offered them a spot at the Hughes Brothers Theater. The group accepted the invitation and today, they perform an amazing show there, “AYO starring Voices of Glory.”

The show showcases their amazing, powerhouse voices, top notch harmonies and soulful sound. Their Christmas show will feature a lot of new material and they told KSPR that guests can expect to experience a very different Christmas celebration, not just with the typical Christmas classics. They do the holidays with a little more soul.

If you haven’t seen them perform yet, you should check them out! For more information, show times or tickets, click here.

The Hughes Brothers Theater is at 3425 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, next to White Water.

Read the article from KSPR here or watch the video below for another peek into their story.


One thought on “Voices of Glory Brings Soul to Branson”

  1. I love that they started by just singing to their mother during a troubled time. Gives me goosebumps knowing these kids have huge hearts and I am sure you can tell with their music as well. Thanks for sharing!

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