Food Friday: CherryBerry

This week in Branson I gave in and soothed my sweet tooth with some amazingly delicious frozen yogurt from CherryBerry.

If you’ve never been there, CherryBerry is an amazing place for all ice cream lovers. With this self-serve frozen yogurt you still get all the sweet and delicious flavors you crave without all the fat. Among the many nutritious qualities that frozen yogurt possesses, the fact that CherryBerry’s has a low amount of fat, four types of live active cultures for a healthier digestive system and natural and fresh ingredients are used to make it. Not to mention, frozen yogurt in general can help overcome lactose intolerance, reduce cholesterol and prevent and combat digestive tract infections.

The CherryBerry way is simply swirl it, top it, weigh it and pay for it, hence the “self-serve.” You have complete control in creating the most delectable frozen yogurt dessert you can possibly imagine and they certainly supply you with more than enough options to do so.

There are 50 different rotating fat free frozen yogurt flavors and when I visited the Branson location there were 21 different tasty flavors available. The customer service at the CherryBerry Branson was excellent and I was immediately greeted by a nice young woman who explained just how things worked. She left me with several small tester cups so I could taste several flavors and find the one I wanted.

All of the flavors looked wonderful but I only tasted a few and ended up going with the White Chocolate Wonder. It was sweet but not overly sweet so I figured I could probably handle a whole cup of it.

To complete my frozen yogurt, I browsed the huge selection of yummy dry toppings, cold bar toppings and syrups and settled on brownie bites. (Obviously I’m not too adventurous.) Although some may like to pile the toppings on, I just wanted a simple sweet treat and my white chocolate frozen yogurt with soft brownie chunks was the perfect solution.

The great thing about CherryBerry is the fact that you can customize just about anything. Choose from 50 different toppings ranging from fresh fruit, granola, candies, nuts, syrups and more to create your individualized frozen yogurt masterpiece. You can even control how much yogurt you get. The price is based on weight, with 49 cents per ounce making for a very fair price. I only paid three dollars and some change for my bowl and was more than satisfied. If you’re not a fan of frozen yogurt, CherryBerry also offers a variety of sorbet, custard and gelato.

With a fun, bright atmosphere, CherryBerry is the perfect stop for a quick sweet treat, a healthy alternative to ice cream and a great meeting place for a group gathering.

CherryBerry is at 3000 Green Mountain Drive, Branson, just down the road from Mt. Pleasant Winery.

Hours are Monday-Friday 1 p.m.-10:30 p.m., Saturday noon- 11 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m.-10 p.m.



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