A Look Inside the History of the Sight and Sound Theatres

Since its grand opening in May of 2008 the Sight & Sound Theatre in Branson has been dazzling visitors from all over the world with it’s intricate structural design, world class inspirational productions and the latest in sound, light and technical technologies.

With two theater locations, one in Lancaster, PA and the other here in Branson, MO, Sight & Sound Theatres maintains the title of the largest faith-based live theater in the country. According to the Sight & Sound Theatres website, almost one million people came from around the world to experience a live onstage production at the Lancaster and Branson locations.

The theater’s founder, Glenn Eshelman, was an artist from Lancaster County and he traveled with his own paintings of inspirational landscape scenes before he and his wife opened the Sight & Sound Auditorium in 1976 for the production “A Land of Our Own.” Theater productions at the auditorium quickly grew in size and as the live actors and actresses overtook the stage, the audience overtook the auditorium.

Fifteen years later, the Sight & Sound Entertainment Centre opened to present large productions onstage but unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire in 1997. Even so, that didn’t stop the theater from becoming all that it is today, and more.

A new, even larger theater was built in 1998, boasting 2,000 seats and a wrap-around 300-foot stage. Ten years later, Sight & Sound Theatres opened in Branson, Missouri, featuring “Noah the Musical”.

Since then, guests have enjoyed several world-class productions like “Daniel and the Lions’ Den,” “Behold the Lamb,” “Colors of Praise” and more. Currently, “Jonah” is showing at the Branson theater location, enchanting visitors with original musical compositions, incredible staging and special effects and an uplifting Bible story full of grace and love for the whole family to enjoy.

Visit Sight & Sound Theatres today to see what you’ve been missing out on. I guarantee you’ll want to go back time and time again.

For tickets and more information about Jonah at Sight & Sound Theatres, click here.


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