Start Your Day With the Buck Trent Morning Show

This high energy, country variety show is the perfect way to kick off an exciting day in Branson and Buck Trent will make sure you exit the theater doors with all intentions of coming back for another round of fantastic music, clean comedy and an eccentric cast who love what they do.

Buck Trent is well known for his world class performances and tremendous banjo playing. His incredible musicianship is showcased on albums including “Sounds of Now & Beyond,” “Pair of Fives,” “Buck Trent” and many more. He was named Instrumentalist of the Year twice by the Country Music Association and #1 Instrumentalist of the Year for the Music City Awards twice as well.

His popularity made its way to television as well, with his appearances on the Tonight Show, Nashville Now, Music City Tonight, Tommy Hunter Show and more.

According to his offical website, Buck Trent was the first national star to open a morning show and it continues to be a hit with thousands of visitors who stop by. Of course a show filled with his remarkable banjo picking, a full cast of talented musicians and showmen and the best of bluegrass, gospel and family comedy has to be great.

So grab a bite to eat from the breakfast buffet and sit back and enjoy the incredible Buck Trent Morning Show at the Baldknobbers Country Music Theatre in Branson, MO.

For tickets and more information, click here.


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