Join the Hunt for the Undead at Branson Cedars Resort

It’s October so you can expect to see horrific sights popping out of every dark corner, dark shadows of apparitions everywhere and ghoulish sounds penetrating the peaceful sounds of autumn in Branson. Okay not really, but you can definitely expect to find a mob of zombies at Branson Cedars Resort.

The Branson Zombie Hunt will officially begin as of October 10 and you can expect it to be an exciting and thrilling experience that you’ll never forget.

Be prepared to be thrown directly into the heat of the Zombie Apocalypse, armed with nothing but a paintball gun and the comfort that the vehicle you’re riding in is probably faster than the zombies.

Zombie assault vehicles will take you on a terrifying ride through the zombie-infested property where you’ll be expected to fight your way through and hope to make out alive.

All equipment to fight the undead is provided and the staff-driven vehicles are armed with mounted paintball guns for convenient use. Sharpen your aim before the ride with target practice at the newly designed Zombie Bullseye Live Action Shooting Gallery. Zombie killing experts will be on hand to give you much needed advice and tips if you’ve never used a paintball gun before.

For more information and admission prices click here and don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure, only available during the month of October.

The Branson Zombie Hunt infestation begins Friday and Saturdays starting October 10 and nightly during the week of October 24-31.

Branson Cedars Resort is located at 769 Hwy. 86, Ridgedale a 1/2 mile off Highway 65 and a ten minute drive from Branson.


4 thoughts on “Join the Hunt for the Undead at Branson Cedars Resort”

  1. This is something I absolutely HAVE to go do. I’ve been wanting to take on hordes of zombies since I was a kid, and this is the perfect place to do it!

  2. I’ve actually hear about this before, some friends were wanting to try this. I think it would be fun, whats not fun about shooting zombies with a paintball gun!?

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