Get to Know the Creatures of the Promised Land Zoo

This week I went to the Promised Land Zoo and made a lot of new furry friends. I’m pretty sure they only liked me because I had a cup full of feed but still — they liked me.

The Promised Land Zoo is just down the street from the Pierce Arrow Theater on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway and you’d never guess that this 9-acre animal paradise sits hidden right off the road.

The Branson Promised Land Zoo is home to a host of interesting animals including two-toed sloths, antelope, kangaroos, deer, camels, alligators, a begal tiger and so many more. Included in the admission ticket is a self-guided foot safari, access to Parakeet Paradise and a complimentary parakeet stick, baby animal bottle feedings and a live animal show.

The foot safari gives you the opportunity to walk through the exhibits at your own pace. You can purchase a cup of feed at the gate when you get your admission ticket and feed most of the animals at the zoo. As you make your way through the zoo hand feeding animals, you start to see the personalities of each one as you approach their habitat with a cup of feed. Some of the llamas and goats rush to the side of the fence and fearlessly stick their little noses through the gaps, expecting to get a little snack while others hang back and watch until you bring the little nugget to them in offering.

After making friends with some of the llamas, I headed to Parakeet Paradise, which is a whole experience in itself. I opened the door of the small building and entered into a room completely filled with the chirps and squawks of dozens of colorful parakeets. The tip of my parakeet stick was coated in a thin layer of peanut butter with bird seed stuck to it. I held it up to a group of parakeets sitting on a limb and not one, but two of them hopped right on the stick and quickly went to work, picking at each little seed. I was surprised that they weren’t more cautious but it was pretty awesome to be so close to all those birds.

The bottle feeding had to be my favorite part of the day. Mostly because I think baby animals are the cutest things ever, but also because how many people can say they’ve bottle fed a baby camel?

One of the zookeepers carried a bucket of bottles filled to the brim with fresh milk and led a small group of us around to each enclosure. It was an amazing experience to see how excited they got once they spotted the bottle of milk. One of the baby antelopes quickly slurped down the whole bottle and then proceeded to skirt, hop and flip around the enclosure with excitement. CUTE OVERLOAD. I would definitely recommend catching one of the daily bottle feeds at 10 a.m. or 4 p.m.

The live animal show was a lot of fun too. Two of the zookeepers brought out six rare animals and let everyone pet them while sharing very interesting information about each one. For instance, I learned that a mother kangaroo can actually put a pregnancy on pause for an entire year. I think all the mothers in the audience were jealous.

Branson’s Promised Land Zoo is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Zookeeper, Jungle Josh said it allows both children and adults to get up close and personal while interacting with each animal and fosters a distinctive experience that you don’t get at just any zoo. The fresh approach gives visitors a new appreciation for each animal and the unique traits they bring to this world.

So whether you choose to pet a two-toed sloth, spend hours hand-feeding llamas or bottle feed a baby camel, a trip to the Promised Land Zoo is much more than ordinary and you’ll leave feeling as though you gained a whole group of new furry friends. I know I did.

For tickets or more information, click here.


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