Dancing Queen: Branson’s Groovy ABBA Tribute

ABBA I wasn’t around to experience the 70’s but they must have been a great time because the Dancing Queen Tribute to ABBA was a fantastic display of how fun 70’s music really is.

This show at the King’s Castle Theatre entirely exceeded my expectations with a world-class cast of incredible dancers, talented vocalists and a great variety of music.

It was no surprise when I discovered the production has been touring the world since 2009. The quality is clearly displayed by the stage filled with psychedelic swirls of color, an energetic cast of entertainers and the awesome selection of music.

Even being the 90’s kid I am, I recognized ABBA favorites from the film Mama Mia and several of the group’s biggest hits including catchy favorites, “Waterloo,” “Chiquitita,” “The Winner Takes It All,” “Take a Chance On Me” and of course “Dancing Queen.”

ABBA Dancing Queen also featured other crowd pleasers that audience members of all ages can enjoy like “YMCA,” “In The Navy” and “Shout.”

The choreography throughout the entire show was incredible and the dancers and singers had such incredible energy all the way from the start of the show to to last close of the curtain.

Dancing Queen Tribute to ABBA was one of those shows that will knock the wind out of you if you’re not ready, so come prepared to have a good time.

While you’re there, make sure to stop by the amazing gift shop in the lobby. I found a handful of items that would make great gifts and additions to my household so you might see me back there picking up a few things!

For tickets or more information, click here.

The King’s Castle Theatre is at 2701 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, just down the road from Andy Williams Moon River Theater.


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