Food Friday: Shorty Smalls

Shorty SmallsIf you’re looking for a place to chow down on some delicious, homestyle cooking, Shorty Smalls is the place to go. Located in the previous location of the Moon River Grill, right off the strip next to Andy Williams Moon River Theatre, you’ll also be close to a variety of great attractions and shows like Rick Thomas Illusionist & Magic Show, Baldknobbers Jamboree Show, the Hollywood Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Odditorium.

Shorty Smalls is a large restaurant with an even larger menu boasting all kinds of foods. From their famous onion loaf, mouthwatering sandwiches, burgers and salads to pastas, skillets, BBQ and steaks, there’s something here for everyone.

The menu also tempts you with several delicious desserts like carrot cake, New York style cheesecake, blackberry or peach cobbler and more. The bar also offers margaritas and specialty drinks, wine, beer and virgin margaritas, pina coladas and daiquiris. For non-drinkers and kids, coke products, coffee, iced tea, lemonade and vanilla, chocolate or strawberry shakes are available.

Not only does Shorty Smalls have a variety of menu and drink options, but the seating variety is vast too! Guests can choose to sit in a more private room off the main dining area, at the bar overlooking it all or in the large dining room that’s surrounded by large windows that look out over the Ozark Mountains. This place can definitely accommodate large groups if needed.

Shorty SmallsIt wasn’t very busy when I stopped in, possibly because it was a sleepy Monday night in Branson, but I was seated immediately. I asked to sit at the bar so I could have a nice view out the huge windows immediately to my left. Since Shorty Smalls sits above some of its surroundings, the picture perfect scenery is a nice compliment to a tasty meal.

I was greeted quickly and after looking over the menu, chose to go with the taco salad. My food came within a few minutes and I was impressed with its quality. Sometimes when a restaurant has such a vast variety of food, no one item is particularly excellent but Shorty Smalls proved that theory wrong.

The taco salad was a delicious heap of seasoned spicy beef, fresh lettuce, ripe diced tomatoes, beans,cheese and a dollop of sour cream all encased in a “flash fried” tortilla bowl that was perfectly flaky and crispy. It was served with a side of salsa that I was worried would be a little too spicy for my taste but it was just right and added an extra delicious flavor to my meal.

As I ate I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and southern decor that Shorty Smalls offers. It’s a great option when looking for a family friendly restaurant with a variety of food, great seating and a comfortable environment.

For your next meal out in Branson, try Shorty Smalls and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


3 thoughts on “Food Friday: Shorty Smalls”

  1. I have not been here before however, I know several people who have and always hear good things. This might be something new to finally go try!

  2. We were there in August and the food was excellent, the waitstaff was wonderful, And with a little bit of looking you can get coupons for free appetizers! which is why we went there to begin with…..i am a coupon addict….we had 3 kids in tow (6, 4, and 2) and had NO troubles at all. Would highly recommend! Also check out the “newspaper” menu and read all the little tidbits, very funny! We will for sure be back to eat there again!

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