Run or Ride at Silver Dollar City’s Roller Coaster Race

Outlaw Run Silver Dollar CitySilver Dollar City is hosting a family friendly event called the Roller Coaster Race this October 11-12 in Branson.

The event is actually composed of five smaller events, a 5K run/walk, kids’ mile run, roller coaster ride, a pasta dinner and the Roller Coaster Race Half Marathon, each tailored to individuals based on their abilities, age and preferences.

5K Run/Walk

Saturday’s events will include the family-oriented 5K run/walk beginning at 7 a.m. The race will start in the Silver Dollar City Parking lot and conclude at the Gazebo in the park. Participants are encouraged to wear a costume in line with the 1800’s theme of Silver Dollar City or to celebrate America at the 5K.

Kids’ Mile

The Kids’ Mile will begin Saturday at 8 a.m. and is available for any kids ages 12 and under. Participants will run trough the theme park to the finish line at the Gazebo just inside the main entrance. Parents are welcome to accompany their children if they’d like to.

Roller Coaster Ride

The Roller Coaster Ride will be Saturday from 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. and is perfect for those who don’t want to or are unable to run. Ride a total distance of 5K (16,405 feet or about six coasters) on Silver Dollar City’s coasters and have staff stamp your wristband after each coaster to keep track of your total distance. If you ride the full 5K, you’ll win a Roller Coaster Race Custom Medal at the end of the day!

Pasta Dinner

Fill up on carbs and meet other runners and roller coaster fanatics at the Pasta Dinner Saturday night at 6:30 p.m. The dinner will be held at Silver Dollar City’s Reunion Hall with guest speaker Eric Johnson of UltraMax Sports Springfield and former board member of the Ozark Mountain Ridge Runners and co-founder of the Ozarks Multisport Club.

Roller Coaster Race Half Marathon

Sunday morning at 7:15 a.m., the Roller Coaster Race Half Marathon will kick off, challenging runners to a USATF-certified race through the streets of Branson. Both the start and finish line will be at the Branson Landing.

Registration includes:

  • 1-day park ticket
  • free parking
  • t-shirt
  • finisher medal
  • post-race party and awards
  • cash prizes for winners

For more details, registration and deadline information for Silver Dollar City’s Roller Coaster Race is available here.

3 thoughts on “Run or Ride at Silver Dollar City’s Roller Coaster Race”

  1. SDC is one of my top favorite places to go in Branson I have been quite a few times and it always as fun as the very first time I went

  2. I can’t wait to go here. I have never been before and I’ve lived in Springfield for over a year and have been down to Branson twice. I will be going in October though. Also, I didn’t know they have running events going on. Me and my cousin love running marathons. Maybe I could talk him into going too.

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