Quiz: Which Branson Show Should YOU Go See?

bs-logo-682 x 564Having trouble choosing what Branson show you want to go see? With such a wide selection of options, it’s no surprise you’re having trouble deciding! Here’s a simple five question quiz that will help you determine which popular Branson show is just right for you. All you have to do is keep track of how many A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s and E’s you choose and then tally them up at the end of the quiz to determine your most preferred show!

Which Branson Show Should You Go See?

1. When it comes to music I prefer …

    A. Instrumental hits or classical

    B. Good ol’ country western

    C. I don’t have a preference

    D. Original compositions

    E. A mix of both the oldies and today’s hits

2. I am visiting Branson because …

    A. I’m celebrating my anniversary

    B. I’m on vacation

    C. I’m looking for something new and fun to do

    D. I like the family friendly atmosphere

    E. Girl’s night out!

3. When I’m not seeing a show in Branson, you’ll most likely find me …

    A. Spending all my money at Tanger Outlets

    B. Stuffing my face at one of the local restaurants

    C. Racing my go kart at The Track

    D. Catching some live music at The Landing

    E. Quacking at unsuspecting golfers from my Ride the Ducks tour

4. When attending a Branson show, I like to …

    A. Sit back in my chair and relax

    B. Interact with the cast and other audience members

    C. Have my mind blown!

    D. Experience a meaningful message and positive undertones

    E. Laugh until my stomach hurts

5. When choosing what Branson show to go see, I usually take this into consideration …

    A. The shows I haven’t seen yet

    B. My grumbling stomach

    C. Cost

    D. My young kids

    E. My teenage kids


Marco Polo


Dixie Stampede Branson


The Revollusionists


Mostly D’s: JONAH


Paul Harris & The Cleverlys


10 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Branson Show Should YOU Go See?”

  1. I got The Adventures of Marco Polo, I have been wanting to go see them since March and just haven’t made the time to go to Branson and watch. Hopefully, I will go within the month.

  2. Great quiz, and accurate, too. I got Paul Harris & the Cleverlys, which I have seen and absolutely loved. So I will go with my number two recommended show, the Revollusionists.

  3. Apparently I am destined to see the Revollusionists, that or I am really close minded because I picked “C” on every option there was. This makes me somewhat regretful because I had a chance to go see the show some time ago but unfortunately I did not have a dependable means of transportation available at the time. I will now have to make it a point to go and see this soon. 😀

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