Tour the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson

Hollywood Wax MuseumThis week I spent some much needed time with my celebrity faves, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp and Jack Black at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson.

The wax museum in Branson is basically one huge photo op, featuring hundreds of your favorite celebrities. So in a nutshell — it’s awesome.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take anyone with me so I couldn’t get any real cool pictures with my main men listed above, but my experience at the Hollywood Wax Museum was still a fantastic one.

The museum in Branson first opened in the 1990’s and Mt. Hollywood (a Mt. Rushmore look-alike at the head of the building that features celebrity faces) became one of the area’s most photographed landmarks of the area.

At the Hollywood Wax Museum, you’ll get up close and personal with Pierce Brosnan, Donald Trump, Jamie Foxx, Willie Nelson, Drew Barrymore and so many others. The figures are very impressive and you’ll recognize just about all of them at first glance. Of course, my curiousity was piqued and I immediately wondered how the creators of these wax figures managed to make each one so lifelike. To my surprise, one area of the museum was a single wall detailing the wax figure making process and just happened to answer all of my questions. Such a great addition to the museum!

Hollywood Wax MuseumEach Hollywood celebrity featured is accompanied by a plaque with interesting information and Hollywood trivia. For instance, did you know that the original movie featuring Michael Myers was shot on a very small budget of $320,000 so the prop department had to use the cheapest mask they could find, which just happened to be a Captain Kirk mask. A little white spray paint, teasing of the hair and reshaping of the eye holes and wah-lah! It’s Michael Myers. Weird, huh?

One thing I didn’t expect to find were all the interactive displays like the wall lined with ruler marks. You can compare your own height with that of famous celebrities like Judy Garland who stands at just 4’11” tall or Ashton Kutcher who towers above most others at 6’2″. I was almost up there with Jennifer Aniston who measures in at 5’5″.

Another highlight of my trip was the last exhibit before heading back out into the gift shop. The small room is framed with stark white paint, church pews and George Clooney — waiting for you at the alter. A fabulous wedding dress hangs from a small hook on the wall, inviting you to slip it on and meet Clooney at the alter to recite your vows. You don’t want to miss that photo op!

A visit to the Hollywood Wax Museum makes for a great group activity and pictures that you’ll love to send to the rest of your friends back at home. So stop by and meet your favorite celebrity. Or just stop by to marry George Clooney.

Either way, let us know what you thought!

For tickets or more information, visit

The Hollywood Wax Museum is at 3030 Hwy. 76, Branson, next door to Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and Castle of Chaos.


8 thoughts on “Tour the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson”

  1. I have attended this museum for the first time this year and I will say I really was impressed on the way they did look so real. I love it!

  2. This place is amazing! They are so life like. I really enjoyed that they let you pose with the wax figures. It’s a must see while in Branson.

  3. The Hollywood Wax Museum was so life like it was almost creepy. I was able to take picture with the wax figures. This was definitely a memory that I will not forget.

  4. I’ve attended wax museum twice now, and each time I’ve taken in something new and exciting about my favorite stars, and been astounded by how realistic these figures really do appear to be! I can see myself going back and soon!

  5. I loved the Hollywood wax museum. your able to take unlimited amount of pictures. also learned a lot about some of my favorite stars. I will definitely be visting it again real soon.

  6. I enjoyed the Hollywood Wax Museum. The figures look extremely realistic. It is a must see for anyone who is remotely photogenic. I would recommend this activity for anyone of any age.

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