Spend an Exciting Evening With The Duttons

The DuttonsI wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I went to see The Duttons in Branson but I had heard great reviews so I decided to spend an evening at the Dutton Family Theatre.

The show opened with the Dutton family in full force. Tim, Judith, Jon, Amy, Benjamin, Abby, Dean and Sheila — all going to town on their respective instruments. Even Ma and Pa Dutton, seasoned performers, parents and grandparents were up there on the stage rocking out.

I come from a large family of six and my parents always encouraged us to cultivate our musical talents. My mom actually tried to force us into forming a family band but my siblings and I couldn’t put up with each other long enough to actually get any practicing done. So naturally, I was impressed right off the bat with the family dynamics that filled the stage.

The DuttonsAll of the Dutton siblings have different personalities, husbands or wives of their own and they have started their own families with children who are also disciplined musicians and are also featured in several acts throughout the show. It was amazing to see all those young kids having so much fun while playing and singing their little hearts out.

The Duttons started out as a family bluegrass band, and they will take you through the evolution of their fame, but they don’t just play bluegrass at this show. They perform everything from today’s pop hits to classical, country, hits from the 50’s, 60’s and so much more. The talented musicians of the Dutton family are extremely versatile and each of them can play just about any instrument they lay their hands on.

The DuttonsGoing into it, I didn’t think there would be so much comedy throughout this show but I was so wrong. Benjamin (aka his identical cousin Julio) was absolutely hilarious and performed several different comedy acts throughout the show making for the perfect variety. Family members of all ages can appreciate his silliness.

The Duttons is an excellent family show that’s appropriate for all ages and has a fantastic overarching theme of family, love and dedication. When you leave you’ll feel as though you just spent an evening at the musical Dutton household because this incredible family welcomes you into the show with warm smiles and open arms, just as they would welcome you into their own home.

For tickets or more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/buyDuttonsFamilyShowTickets.cfm.

The Dutton Family Theatre is at 3454 W. Hwy. 76, Branson, across the street from the Mickey Gilley Theatre and Gilley’s Texas Café.


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