College of the Ozarks to Host Holocaust Survivor

Eva Mozes Kor, holocaust survivor The College of the Ozarks is scheduled to host Eva Mozes Kor, holocaust survivor September 17 at 7 p.m. at Jones Auditorium.

I’ve seen Kor speak once before and her amazing story of forgiveness is incredible. She will talk about her life and family and how they were taken prisoners by the German Nazis. She and her twin sister Miriam were subjected to human experimentation under Josef Mengele and both of them somehow survived.

The rest of their family perished during the Holocaust, but the two sisters were liberated from Auschwitz death camp in 1945. Since then she has publicly forgiven her Nazi captors and founded CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in an effort to educate people about eugenics and the events of the Holocaust.

If you’re looking for a touching and educational community event to attend during your trip to Branson, I highly recommend taking the time to listen to Eva Kor’s story. It’s a story that will both haunt and change you forever.

For more information, visit

College of the Ozarks is located just ten minutes from Branson at 100 Opportunity Ave., Point Lookout.

3 thoughts on “College of the Ozarks to Host Holocaust Survivor”

  1. What an opportunity! I think everyone ought to see and be able to speak with people like her to gain not only encouragement but understanding. Thanks for the article!

  2. This is amazing!! To speak with someone who had to endure so many things that many of us cannot even imagine. The story of the holocaust is without a doubt the most touching and the most imaginable events in history.

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