Turn Back the Clock to Woodstock With The Lennon Cathcart Trio in Branson

Lennon CathcartBeginning tomorrow, the Tribute Theatre in Branson will be hosting the Lennon Cathcart Trio to take you back to the days of Woodstock.

This talented folk rock trio will sweep you away on a journey through the days of peace, love and great music from Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Janis Joplin, Peter, Paul & Mary and so many more of the names that created the sounds of the Woodstock era.

Bill and Gail Lennon will wow you with their smooth vocals and incredible musicianship along with worldwide performer, Mike Cathcart who is one of Branson’s most well-known vocalists.

Lennon CathcartExperience the smooth sounds and social harmony associated with Woodstock once again as the Lennon Cathcart Trio recreate the incredible music of that time with a tribute to a number of influential musicians in American history.

You’ll enjoy the nostalgic folk, rock, blues and jazz music The Lennon Cathcart Trio offers and you can catch them live at the Tribute Theatre starting Friday, September 5.

For tickets or more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/buyTheLennonCathcartTrioTickets.cfm.

The Tribute Theatre is located across the street diagonally from the Titanic Museum at 3310 W. Hwy. 76, Branson.


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