Join Mike Walker and All His Friends for an Afternoon of Fun

Mike Walker & FriendsWhen you go see Mike Walker and Friends, you’ll realize one very important thing — Mike Walker IS all of his friends.

If you’re imagining a show filled with a rowdy bunch onstage, you’ll be surprised to find out that Mike is definitely rowdy but he’s drawing crowds to the God and Country Theatre with a one man show.

Even though Mike Walker is alone onstage for the show, he has the kind of personality and talent that just fills the entire theatre and draws you in for a fantastic afternoon of entertainment. He can impersonate just about anyone and will delight you with incredible performances of songs from popular artists of all genres like Conway Twitty, The Eagles, Ray Charles, The Temptations, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin and Tina Turner.

And yes I said Tina Turner. (You definitely need to experience that one live.)

Not only does he perfectly replicate the voices of musicians, but also those of politicians like George Bush, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and more.

Mike Walker & FriendsWhile Mike Walker is an excellent vocal impersonator he is also an incredibly talented musician when he’s just being himself. He will perform several of his own original songs throughout the show and each one was a heartfelt expression of his faith and overwhelming love for life and family.

This entertainer doesn’t take himself too seriously and can be just downright silly, which makes for a fantastic show that’s audience-focused and fun. Mike Walker and Friends will entertain you from start to finish and you’re certainly in for a treat, especially when he puts away the wigs and just does him.

The God and Country Theatre is located at 1840 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, right next door to the Apple Tree Mall.

For tickets or more information, visit


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