Food Friday: Grandma Ruth’s

Grandma Ruth’sIf you’re looking for a good breakfast stop to grab a deliciously sweet cinnamon roll, a cup of coffee and great conversation, the only place to go in Branson is Grandma Ruth’s.

I’ve been reading about this place on TripAdvisor for months wondering how a restaurant that only serves cinnamon rolls, coffee and a few other simple breakfast café items can rank #1 out of 313 restaurants in Branson. Well, I finally tried it out for myself and I can tell you that all those TripAdvisor reviews are spot on … this place is great!

Each cinnamon roll is made with Grandma Ruth’s family recipe consisting of unbleached flour, cinnamon and butter, making for the perfect breakfast treat. Guests can choose from cinnamon, toffee or caramel rolls. When you go into the restaurant, you’ll see Grandma Ruth herself in the kitchen, baking away and rubbing a creamy glaze on the rolls while chatting with each and every customer that walks through the door.

While I was enjoying my cinnamon roll in the dining area, I overheard several groups of people come in and talk to Grandma Ruth about how they were visiting from out of town and had heard great things about her breakfast café. Most of them would stick around in the dining room and gorge themselves on the sweet, sugary rolls and then let Grandma Ruth know that they would be back next time they came to Branson. I’m not surprised Mrs. Ruth gets so much repeat business.

The appeal of the small restaurant doesn’t just rest in the pure tastiness of the baked goods though. The customer service is outstanding and each and every employee I ran into during my brief visit made me feel like a part of the family. Although my order was simple — one cinnamon roll and one cup of blackberry roast coffee — I spent less than five dollars at Grandma Ruth’s and had the best overall dining experience I’ve had in Branson thus far.

When you go stop by Grandma Ruth’s you get much more than just a sweet breakfast pastry. You gain another family (and maybe another pound or two). But some of the greatest things in life are the most simple of pleasures and Grandma Ruth bakes hundreds of those simple pleasures every day. So stop by and take a minute to enjoy the sweetness at Grandma Ruth’s in Branson.

Grandma Ruth’s is at 607 State Hwy. 165 (Gretna Road), Branson, next door to the Subway. Hours are Monday-Saturday 7 a.m.-1 p.m. and closed on Sunday.

For more information, visit Grandma Ruth’s on Facebook at


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