NEWS UPDATE: New Attractions In the Works for the Branson Strip

Dinosaur MuseumOperations Manager of the Branson Dinosaur Museum June Tillis says Branson goers should be on the lookout for three new attractions to open on the strip soon.

Although no opening dates have been set yet, Tillis said a new BB Gun Museum, Branson Military Museum and Haunted House will be opening soon. The new attractions will be located within the same parking lot as the Dinosaur Museum, which sits between the World’s Largest Toy Museum and Faith Life Church on Highway 76.

World’s Largest Toy MuseumTillis said the BB Gun Museum will feature a large variety of BB gun models, reaching all the way back to the mid-1800’s up until to today’s models. A package deal for tickets will be available so guests can tour both the BB Gun Museum and the Branson Military Museum, which will house informative displays and artifacts detailing the history of the American military.

The Haunted House will be located on the lower level below both museums.

Stay tuned to the Branson Shows blog for more information as we receive it.

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