Take a Train Ride Through the Beautiful Ozarks

Branson Scenic RailwayAutumn is just around the corner and soon the lush forests surrounding Branson will be sporting their fall colors. Deep reds, crisp oranges and bright yellows make up the color pallet of fall in the Ozarks and visitors from all over the country plan their Branson vacations with the beautiful foliage in mind.

If you’re planning a trip to Branson this fall the Branson Scenic Railway makes for a great addition to your vacation itinerary and a fantastic foliage tour. The Ozark Zephyr, a vintage passenger train, will take you on a relaxing, 40-mile round trip excursion through the foothills as you pass through tunnels and across bridges that dot the landscape of southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas.

Your trip’s route is determined by the Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad and is based on traffic and track conditions. You’ll pull out from the Branson Train Depot and either travel north to Galena and the James River Valley, or take the southern route into Arkansas to the Barren Fork Trestle.

Riders will chug along through areas that aren’t accessible to cars, providing endless beautiful views are photo opportunities. The narrated trip draws your attention to landmarks like Walnut Creek Trestle, Tharp’s Grade, Crest Tunnel and describes some of the extinct early 20th century communities of Gretna, Ruth and Melva as they used to be.

A dinner train is offered each Saturday at 5 p.m. so you can enjoy the views while dining on a delicious, four-course, candlelit meal.

The Branson Scenic Railway is certainly a unique way to take a fall foliage tour, but it’s made even more special because of the historic value of the railways that shaped the Ozarks.

For more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/pointsOfInterest/BransonScenicRailwayBransonMO.htm.

The Branson Train Depot is located in Historic Downtown Branson at 206 E. Main St., Branson.

2 thoughts on “Take a Train Ride Through the Beautiful Ozarks”

  1. The fall is beautiful in the Ozarks and I love the feeling of being on a train. I may just have to get a ticket and go!

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