Join In On the Family Fun at Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express

Clay Cooper's Country Music ExpressIf there’s one show in Branson that doesn’t just end with a bang — but starts with a bang, continues with a bang and closes with another bang, it’s Clay Cooper’s Country Express.

I was hooked from the very beginning, with the high energy opening performance from the entire cast of 20, dancing, spinning, twirling, singing and just having fun all over the stage.

Clay Cooper’s Country Express is a great compilation of music, featuring hits from country music legends, the more “interesting” artists of popular music including Michael Jackson, the Blues Brothers and even more music spanning all kinds of genres and legends.

This show has a little bit of everything, including American Kids National finalist, Ezrah Noelle, comedian and impersonator Matt Gumm and the Cooper family’s own, talented ten-year-old Colt Cooper.

From the moment Clay Cooper steps onstage, he makes it a point to interact with audience members and make you feel like family — and not just the first few rows. You’re not safe, even out towards the back of the theatre! Clay’s outgoing and warm personality makes for a fun, interactive show that incorporates the entirety of his cast as well as everyone who made the time to come out and see the show.

So if you’re thinking about coming out to join the family fun that this incredible cast of performers offers with Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express, don’t hesitate to grab those tickets and make yourself at home. You’re bound to have a great time.

For tickets or more information, visit

Clay Cooper’s Country Express shows at the Clay Cooper Theatre at 3216 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, across the street from the Branson Titanic.


One thought on “Join In On the Family Fun at Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express”

  1. This would be a wonderful show to attend! It’s not often you can find a show that is entertaining and family friendly!

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