Revisit the Good Old Days With Barney Fife … Fully Loaded in Branson

Barney Fife ... Fully LoadedEveryone remembers the character Barney Fife played by Don Knotts and the contagious laughs that filled the house back in the day when the family would gather to watch their favorite hometown police officer.

Barney Fife … Fully Loaded in Branson brings back those laughs with the slapstick comedy of Branson comedian Michael J and Joey I.L.O. who appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. The two will provide endless entertainment with impersonations of your favorite old-time musicians like Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby and re-enactments of famous comedy routines from teams like Abbott and Costello and All In the Family’s Archie and Edith Bunker.

Barney Fife ... Fully LoadedA night at Branson’s Barney Fife … Fully Loaded is sure to entertain so bring your parents along for this matinee show and revisit the good old days and the humor from days past.

Barney Fife … Fully Loaded plays at the Branson Central Dinner Theatre at 625 Hwy. 165, Branson, right down the street from Mt. Pleasant Winery.

For tickets or more information visit

3 thoughts on “Revisit the Good Old Days With Barney Fife … Fully Loaded in Branson”

  1. Barney Fife Fully Loaded seems like it would be one good time! The new show is getting quite the audience. I love comedy and was particularly interested in this show when I was younger. It always had you laughing! I do admit I will be making a trip to Branson to check the show out!

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