Get Spooked With a Branson Ghost Tour

3081141vmeHalloween fanatics everywhere are already gearing up for the nationwide holiday filled with chills and thrills. If you’re looking to do the same or are planning a vacation to Branson during the weeks before Halloween, a ghost tour with Branson Ghost & Legends is a fantastic way to get spooked.

How did ghost tours become popular?

According to the Ghost Tour Directory, ghost tours have been around for decades and have become increasingly more popular over the last five years with the explosion of television shows like Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, Paranormal State and other similar series. People all over the world participate in interactive ghost tours and Branson is no exception.

What will happen during my Branson Ghost Tour?

A professional guide will take your group on a 90 minute walking tour through Historic Downtown Branson and share ghost stories and legends that fill the streets of Branson. You’ll learn about the ghost that haunts the Historic Owen’s Theatre, the fire that burned Branson to the ground more than 100 years ago, the shootout that occurred at present day Branson Scenic Railway and so much more! I can’t say for sure if you’ll see a ghost, but there’s always a chance.

Are the stories my guide tells real?

All ghost stories on professional ghost tours are backed by research and historical facts, but paranormal instances are difficult to prove. All you can do is come with an open mind and take each story with a grain of salt. You guide will share a lot of history with you and along with that history comes legends of ghosts that have been passed down over time.

What should I bring for my tour?

Definitely bring your camera. It’s suggested that you wear comfortable walking shoes as well as weather appropriate clothing or rain gear, depending on the time of the year.

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